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Small Yet Whimsical Cake Ideas For Your Intimate Wedding

Shivani Singh, 22 Jul 2020

Ever seen a work of art that's good enough to be eaten? Well, you're about to. 

Gathering wedding ideas is probably one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, especially when it comes to searching for elegant wedding cakes. Sugar flowers, hand-painted details and intricate piping they're all so dreamy and delicious! And in full honesty, the one thing that can always glam up an intimate wedding both in taste and style - is a gorgeous, whimsical wedding cake. And it is that one thing at a wedding that's pretty hard to replace. And our favourite kind of wedding cakes this season are the ones that make a statement by adding to the glitz of your intimate wedding, without going to waste at all.

From modern designs to romantic flower embellished, prepare to be obsessed with these gorgeous and whimsical wedding cake ideas, ideal for a small wedding celebration!

Small Yet Whimsical Wedding Cake Ideas 

Rustic Semi-Naked & Naked Cakes

Easily recognized by the absence of or minimal frosting, rustic naked cakes are one of the most popular choices for wedding cakes. They're especially great if you're a couple that does not enjoy a lot of frosting over the cakes but prefers just the right amount. Added to these small rustic cakes are flowers and other accessories made out of edible material like fondant, sugar or modelling chocolate. Here are a few that we spotted this season and absolutely love!

Something Dark With A Touch Of Orchids

This gorgeous greyish black cake by Emazing Creations is just another inspiring example of the kind of wedding cake you can have, irrespective of its size. The additional orchids are just a touch that makes this cake dreamy. 

Flower Encrusted Cakes

One of the greatest kinds of cakes that we see at weddings is covered in flowers. Instead of using icing to decorate the cake, master patissiers are now using both edible and non-edible flowers to make them look stunning. Here are some of our favourite cakes embellished with flowers. 

Source Prunus Cake
Source AmourDuCake

A Contemporary Cake That Rotates!

This cake by a Russian patissier has us not only marvelled but drooling! Probably the chicest intimate wedding cake we've seen till date. Also, don't miss out to check these adorable & unique cake topper ideas you'd want for your wedding cake!

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For Those Who Love Flamingos

Now, we've already seen couples who preferred flamingo themed decor in the past. And a flamingo themed cake is probably a great summer intimate wedding cake.

Source kasadelika

Modern Wedding Cakes

While everyone loves frosting frills and edible carnations, modern wedding cakes with abstract designs are quite famous with couples too. They give us an undefinable sugar rush, which makes us want more and more couples to choose something similar for their intimate weddings!

Source kasadelika
Source Prunus Cake

A Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

We know, we know. You're thinking a heart-shaped cake is so cliche for a wedding. And truthfully, a heart-shaped cake for a grand wedding is quite impractical. But for intimate weddings, maybe this cliche cake is what we all need. 

Something Small Yet Regal

We're all suckers for dainty yet royal looking cakes that have subtle hints of gold in them. But before that bookmark these wedding cake dos and don'ts every couple must keep in mind

A Unique Gardenscape Cake

This garden-themed cake is quiet a gorgeous choice as a wedding cake. Plus, you can use the idea of having a small cake and serving mini cakes to guests at your intimate wedding!

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We're surely left drooling after this blog! Let us know your favourite cake flavours in the comments.