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Skip The Stage At Your Wedding & Here's Why It Is A Good Idea

Simran Keswani , 12 Dec 2017

Amidst the life-changing proposal and tear-jerking ‘I do’, there is the stress of “wedding planning” and while you will be juggling between the happy rush and nerve wrecking anxiety, there will definitely be a few customs that you will trip on.

Taking from the couple who have lived this tale, we will just say don’t feel obligated to include anything in your wedding that you don’t want merely for the sake of tradition. One such tradition is “stage” and so we will give you a number of reasons to why it's more than okay to skip stage for your wedding.

#1 Less attention-grabbing

While there in no shrugging away from being in the eyes of all your guests on your wedding day, there is still this alternative that will save you from being the centre of attraction at all times.

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#2 Cut short to the dance floor

Of course, your sweet friends and relatives have prepared a dance performance for you but let’s be honest, there is no fun in sitting back to see the performance as if you are the judge of Nach Baliye. After all, this moment is for you to live to the fullest.

#3 Savior from awkward small talks

Oh! Your to-be-husband mother’s aunt is approaching towards the stage, say something, this is your chance to make an impression. What? Missing common grounds? See, you just blew your chance!

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#4 Don't say cheese, please?

Of course, you’re happy and all smiles because this is the most awaited day of your life. But, sitting like a smiling mannequin for the pictures is frustrating & exhausting.

Tip: Tell your photographer to keep it as natural as possible, therefore, capturing more than mere poses.

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#5 Escape from shelling out extra cash

Besides saving you from tedious customs, skipping a stage will also save you decent grands by cutting costs of the stage set up, decor, etc.

*Time to make plans with that extra cash you just saved*

Do you think skipping the stage is a good option? YEAH Or NAH in the comments below!

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