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12 Makeup Trousseau Essentials Other Than Makeup

Bhavika Vallecha, 10 Dec 2017

While you may remember to carry your favourite lipsticks, foundations, eyeliner and blush, you are likely to forget other makeup trousseau products that are as essential as your makeup and you just can’t afford to lock your bags without these adde...

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Head-To-Toe Beauty Products For A Pampering Session At Home Post Your Wedding

Bhavika Vallecha, 05 Dec 2017

Finally, the wedding madness is over and you are seeking some relief before you head to your honeymoon, because you don't want the exhaustion to come along with you. But you've already splurged so much on your pre-bridal sessions that now your poc...

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Why You Should NOT Consider A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding!

Simran Keswani , 29 Nov 2017

Your wedding day is coming and so is the worry of looking perfect on your D-day. Though you might have a lot on your mind ahead of your big day, starting with the wedding plans, venue, outfit and what not to but one thing that certainly tops the l...

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Real Bride Reveals: Tips To Go Make-Up Free At Your Wedding Function

Tanya Puri, 27 Oct 2017

Being a bride for me was always about doing what came naturally to me than confining myself to the ongoing trends. So, when the time came to plan my looks for each function, I decided to go Au-Naturel for my Haldi ceremony despite looking at the g...


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A Bride’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Bridal Sessions

Sanchita Sehgal, 12 Jul 2017

We all know that every bride-to-be wants to look the finest on her big day. But to do so, just following naani maa ke gharelu nuske isn’t enough. There are truckloads of things that go into the making of a flawless bride and starts with series of ...

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8 Pre-Bridal Treatments Every Bride-To-Be Should Know (Plus When To Get Them Done!)

Sanchita Sehgal, 09 Jul 2017

Everyone from your aunt's to neighbours to your bridesmaids, talk about how you look once you’ve a ring on your finger. Thanks to gushing love you’ve been showered with!But somewhere between all the arrangements and running around during wedding p...

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From Drab To Fab: A Bride-To-Be Shares Her Pre-Bridal Experience At Jamuna Pai’s

Tanya Puri, 14 Sep 2016

Girls, what we need to remember is that while everything else is a big deal during wedding planning, of course, but more than anything else, people will be looking at that face of yours. And as a bride-to-be, I can tell you that it cannot be anyth...

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Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Skin Before The Wedding | Vogue Wedding Show 2016

Sanchita Kalra, 02 Sep 2016

Just like a million websites suggesting you a thousand ways to get that perfect glowing skin, there are hundreds of relatives doing the similar thing in our real lives too! But as I am your *bridesmaid*, you know that I won't give you any silly ad...

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10 Best Skin friendly ingredients To Get A Glowing Skin For Your Wedding Day!

Neha Garg, 30 May 2016

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous at her most special day? Surely all of us and for the same, we even have tried a number of skin products. All those cleansers, creams, scrubs and what not. But do you trust all these products? Do you trust that th...

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Glow Like A Bollywood Dulhan With These DIY Tips!

Geeta Masurekar, 12 Apr 2016

Every girl dreams of being the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen. As the wedding date draws nearer, so does the onset of anxiety and nervousness. To avoid the occurrence of stress-related skin problems, you can follow a skin regimen fro...

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5 ways to make your skin radiant before your D-Day

Neha Garg, 17 Mar 2016

Happy brides are the prettiest brides. The Wedding is the happiest and life-changing day of your life is soon to step in your life. Have you started pampering yourself for the big day? If you think there are months left for the wedding, then, dear...

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Must Read: 5 No-nonsense Skin Care Tips for Would-be Brides

Neha Garg, 09 Jun 2015

“Three whole months?,” I asked the beautician while discussing pre-bridal packages. “Ain't nobody got time for that,” I snorted and shook my head in revolt. I had promised myself that I wouldn't become a Bridezilla, and would be extremely cool...