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Foolproof Skin & Hair Care Tips Pre & Post Holi for Brides-to-be!

Divya Arora, 20 Mar 2019

And now that the happiest and the most colourful festival of the year, Holi is here, we're super duper excited and all set to bask and jump in the spirit of colours and we know you are too. Especially if you're a bride to be, we know how you would be all overwhelmed and emotional as this is going to be your last Holi at your home. But, hold up! Before you brides-to-be set out to party and embrace the vivacity and liveliness of this festival in all its hues, have you made sure if your skin and hair are ready too? Well, considering how you all would be taking care of your diet, booking pre-bridal sessions and doing your best to attain bridal glow, you wouldn't want this one festival to render all of your efforts in vain.

Apparently, we all know the harmful effects of the toxic chemicals Holi colors have and when you're soon to be getting married, you cannot risk these chemicals hampering your skin and your hair in any way. Also, that definitely doesn't mean that you shouldn't play Holi. Well, we've enlisted some easy peasy pre and post Holi skin care and hair care tips for all of you so that you can enjoy this festival of colors at your joyous best while not compromising with your skin and hair.

These popular PRE & POST Holi hair care tips and natural Holi skin care tips for brides-to-be are really going to be your saviours. Take notes!

Skin Care Tips for Holi

Pre-Holi Skin Care

  • Prep your skin: The most essential of all things you need to take care about before setting your foot out of your home is to prep up your skin. Moisturize your skin properly with a thick moisturizer or coconut oil making sure to massage it well into your skin. This will act as a protective shield from all those harmful chemicals and consequently lessen the damage.
  • Sunscreen is a must: After you're done moisturizing your skin, the next and the obvious skin care tip to keep in mind before playing Holi is to cover your skin with a generous amount of sunscreen. To protect your skin from getting tanned and sunburnt, use a sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30. Making this one of the most effective pre-Holi skin care tips for brides to be, using sunscreen is simply unskippable.
  • The right clothing: Dressing up for Holi isn't only wearing your old to-be-discarded clothes. Dressing up right actually plays an essential role in bringing less damage to your skin. Opt for lighter breathable fabrics and nothing too heavy or bulky. Also, try wearing clothes that cover most of your skin leaving lesser exposed skin to avoid the direct contact of chemical colors with your skin as much as possible.
  • Nails need your attention too: You know how the Holi colors tend to stain your nails and even settle under them making them look bad. And you wouldn't want that especially if your wedding is just around the corner. Which is why it is important to pay special attention to your nails too. For your nail care, trim your nails shorter leaving little scope of colors settling down in them. Then apply a nail paint in some dark shade and before stepping out rub your nails and cuticles with olive oil which will not let the nails catch colors easily.
  • Lip care: Covering your lips with a thick coat of lip balm or petroleum jelly would keep your lips moisturized and won't let the colors settle into the cracks easily. Applying a lip balm with an SPF content would make up for an effective pre-Holi skin care tip.
  • Don't forget your ears: Of course, this part is easily forgotten when it clearly shouldn't be. We all know how badly Holi colors tend to settle around our ears and stain them. To avoid that, rubbing your ears and the area around them specifically with a good amount of petroleum jelly would be a great skincare tip before playing Holi.

Post-Holi Skin Care

  • Clean it well: As soon as you get back home, the first thing you should do is to wash your face well with water and a good face wash or facial cleanser. Rub each and every corner of your face right from your eyes, nose and lips to your ears and make sure all the color goes out.
  • Exfoliating: One of the best post-Holi skincare tips for brides-to-be is to exfoliate for deep cleansing and removing the dead skin cells.  One of the most basic and natural exfoliators that you can use is a mix of coconut oil and sugar. Rub your face and skin well with this homemade exfoliator and then rinse it off.
  • Treat sunburns: Rubbing ice wrapped up in a thin cloth over the affected areas would ease up your skin and reduce redness and burns.
  • Moisturizing: When it's all clean and done, absolutely do not forget to moisturize your skin well with a good hydrating moisturizer. Doing so with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil would be best and is undoubtedly a natural Holi skin care tip for brides-to-be.
  • Avoid makeup or parlour sessions: Since you've just cleared up your skin of all the toxic chemicals avoid makeup or any parlour sessions for at least a day or two. Let your skin breathe and feel free before you splash another round of chemicals onto it.

Hair Care Tips for Holi

Pre-Holi Hair Care

  • Oiling your hair is a must: Ladies, going out to play Holi without having them oiled is just not an option. Holi colors can damage our hair to a great extent which is why it is essential to oil them before going out to play Holi. Be it coconut oil, olive oil or any of the oils you generally use, coating your hair with a layer of oils would reduce the effects of the colors' chemicals. Oiling your hair won't just do that but also won't let the color settle easily into your mane making it easier for you to wash them off later. Also, try not to leave your hair open and instead have them tied up in a bun or a braid to avoid maximum damage. Being a to-be-bride dry and damaged hair are a no-no and these basic remedies are the best hair care tips before playing Holi.
  • Cover them up: Having your head covered up with caps and scarves is yet another pre-Holi hair care tip to take note of. Look your stylish best while simultaneously protecting your luscious hair from the damage.
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Post-Holi Hair Care

  • Shampooing: The first thing to do to take care of your hair after playing Holi is to wash your hair properly with loads of water and then shampoo it properly with a natural shampoo. Massage the shampoo onto your scalp well to make sure all the color washes off and doesn't stay.
  • Conditioning is a must: After shampooing it is essential that you condition your hair thoroughly to nourish and moisturize them to avoid frizzy and dry hair.
  • Using homemade treatments: A popular post-Holi hair care tip is to use natural remedies. Be it oiling your hair before every wash, avoiding excessive hair styling or using homemade masks, you've got to do it all. Use natural homemade masks as hair treatments for the following weeks to let your hair gain their healthy strength and shine back. One of the best masks to treat your dry hair is a mix of egg, honey and yoghurt. Mix one well-beaten egg with one tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of yogurt to achieve a rich creamy consistency. Apply it well onto your scalp and hair and leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it off.

Play safe and look your best brideys!