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Simple Tips To Save Extravagantly While On Your Honeymoon

Simran Keswani , 13 Dec 2017

You have just paid a humongous amount for your wedding, now dashing out some more fortune in the name of honeymoon can be pretty overwhelming. The good news is, just like there are zillion tricks to minimize your wedding cost similarly there are ways to keep your honeymoon pocket-friendly!

Sharp Ways To Cut Down Your Wedding Costs

So, put your mind and wallet at ease and read on:

#1 Homestay over hotel room

Booking a vacation rental through sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway is another way to travel on a budget, besides it will also eliminate splurging on a fancy croissant from hotel room services. After all, each meal adds on.

#2 Be Flexible with dates

Before you settle on your departure date, consider the shoulder season. While Hawaii would have peak season in summer, It usually has better deals in spring & fall. The destination has a lot to do with timings so do your research work well.

#3 Have your own mini bar

There is no denying that a huge portion of money on honeymoon goes in alcohol and besides however expensive it is, there is no option to escape from it. So, while we cannot eliminate this, we definitely have alternatives such as buying from duty free shops or the local wine & beer shop.  

#4 Book honeymoon packages

Travelling to your favourite destination looks pricey? Well then, package deal could be your best bet. Let the best deals help you get the most bangs for your bucks.

#5 Use Bonus points

The honeymoon trip is the best time to cash in all the bonus points you may have racked on your credit card during your wedding shopping. Like, American Express gives you free miles for bonus points. Even If you don’t win a free ticket, you can upgrade your coach to first class by making the most out of your trip.

Hope these tricks help you save big. Happy Reading!

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