Silly Gossips every Bride-to-be has with her Girlies on the Bachelorette

Anupriya Khanna, 17 Sep 2018

Bachelorette with your girls is all about sleepless nights, endless gossips, stomach cramping laughter and a lot of silly conversations. From boozing around like maniacs to dancing & posing mindlessly, a bachelorette is all about fun & happy moments you spend with your lovelies. But more than that it is about those tete-a-tete convos and also the last memorable talks you’re gonna have with your babes before you finally take the plunge. Keeping that in mind, we’ve curated a list of conversations every girl indulges in on her bachelorette.

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Bachelorette talks between every bride and her girlfriends!

1. About your ex-boyfriend(s)

Because girls will always be girls, you can’t expect them to do away with a discussion that doesn’t involve the ex-boyfriend talk. Whether it is about how big of a pervert he was to ditch on you or how he would probably never find someone like you, you can expect all that bitchy talk to happen on your bachelorette when you are with your girlies.

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2. Your first-night plans

More than you, it’s your girls who are more excited about your first night with your hubby-to-be. And to make sure you don’t fuck it up, they’ll turn into legit gurus on your bachelorette. Right from schooling you on how to make it more steamy in bed to make sure you’re playing it all safe, they’ll do it all to ensure your first-time was bang-on!

3. The unforgettable booze blunders

No matter it was just once (or maybe twice) that you threw up after over-doing with the booze, your ladies are going to remind you of the same over and over again, even on your bachelorette. And that begins with some more hearty conversations about what kind of a mess you’ve been all this long and how it would be a tough task for your life partner to handle you at your worst.

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4. Your school-time crushes

Well, you sure have found the man of your life, but that still doesn’t stop your girls from taking you down the memory lane and reminding you of your teenage crushes, especially the ones for whom you had even ditched on them (facepalm).

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5. Designating wedding duties

While there will be too many discussions happening, yet the most crucial of all will remain to be about your wedding- straight from who’ll take charge of the Mehendi decor, who will wear what on the wedding, who will escort you to the stage to all the other important details.

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6. Reminiscing those sleepovers

Your bachelorette is just that perfect occasion for you and your bubs to go on reminiscing about the good times and all those sweet sleepovers you’ve spent gossiping and stalking guys on Tinder. Especially when you know you won’t get to do this too often post your wedding.

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7. Who’s going to be the next one?

Now that you’ve got booked for life and are on the verge of beginning a new phase, discussions on who’s going to be the next one to walk down the aisle is sure to happen on your bachelorette.

8. Doing the sexy lingerie talk

And not to forget the hot topic of discussion - them fancy lingerie. Your girls will definitely be bombarding you with expert advice on whether you should be wearing those edible lingeries or the sheer ones on your first night.

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