Top 51+ Silk Thread Bangle Designs

Anupriya Khanna, 02 Jun 2019

A bunch of elaborate, gold and chunky bangles encrusted with precious stones can lend a bride just the right kind of royal touch on her wedding day. But the moment we hear terms like 'quirk' and 'sass', our focus immediately shifts to an alternative that is every bit apt for mehndi & haldi ceremonies and won't demand you to break the bank i.e. the scintillating silk thread bangles. Indian Silk thread bangles are nothing but a plain set of bangles wrapped in colorful threads, further topped off with shining beads, studs, mirrors, pearls and other dazzling embellishments. They are elegant, light-weight, comfortable and can instantly add a dash of colour to your wedding looks. 

Much like all the other staple jewels, silk thread bangles too come in varied designs and styles. Whether you're looking for some fully embellished pieces with intricate patterns or broad kadas in offbeat hues and minimal detailing, there are zillions of silk thread bangle designs available for you to choose from. In fact, nowadays you can even get your beautiful pair of silk thread bangles personalized with your to-be hubby's name etched on it. All you've gotta do is pick a vibrant color that best goes with your outfit, decide about what all details and embellishments you wish to include in it, communicate all your needs and preferences to your bangle designer and voila, you get your personalized silk thread bangles ready! Yes, it's that easy and simple. And before you decide to get one for yourself, we've chalked out some of the latest Indian silk thread bangles designs for you to take inspiration from. Drive through and bookmark your favs!

Indian Silk Thread Bangle Designs

1. A beauteous black and grey fusion

Is there anyone who can ever get enough of the raging blacks and gorgeous greys? Well, we guess not. The two colours blend together pretty well and we couldn't agree more after we came across these fancy silk thread bangles. This scintillating stack has a bunch of broad black silk thread bangles adorned with starry embellishments, a central white silk thread bangle studded with floral motifs, patterned gold bangles and some basic silk thread bangles in grey. One can easily pair it up with an all black lehenga or an Anarkali.

2. How about you wear studded silk bangles as your chooda?

Don't want to wear that regular chooda on your wedding day? We've got something equally impressive and stylish for you to pair with your bridal lehenga. Take a look at this spectacular red silk bangles set featuring broad kundan studded kadas with jhumki adornments, beaded silk thread bangles, glimmering jarkan bangles and a few pearl-beaded bangles.

3. A minimal yet voguish pick!

This fresh and vibrant blue stack of silk thread bangles is assembled so beautifully. We love how those gota bangles and kundan work bangles are adding that extra charm to the bright blue silk thread bangles. It indeed makes for one of the best Indian silk thread bangle designs. One can definitely consider wearing it on their mehndi, haldi or some other pre-wedding ceremony.

4. The gorgeous play of tri-colour

If you're someone who doesn't hesitate from experimenting with a lot of colors, you can't give these trending Indian silk thread bangles a miss. They look super modish and edgy. We love how those diamond shaped enamelled motifs are giving a striking makeover to the basic silk thread bangles. Also, the orange, green and yellow hues are forming a harmonious blend of traditional and modern.

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5. Vibrant colors and sparkling details merged together!

Make a strong stylish statement with these fancy silk thread bangles. It's a perfect concoction of all things pretty. While the central yellow silk thread bangle adorned with swirling embellishments and Kundan flowers is every bit stunning, we adore how a hint of orange and the crystal studded bangles are further amping up its look by multifold. Would you like to save one such fusion for your mehndi day?

6. Offbeat hues for the new-age brides!

Lilacs and lavenders are having a major moment in the bridal fashion scene since the year gone by. And while we've already witnessed a lot of brides making the most of these hep colors by wearing breathtaking lavender lehengas and outfits, this time around we've got our eyes on some lavender infusion in bridal jewels too. Check out this remarkable stack of silk thread bangles drenched in hues of purple, lavender and blue. They're classy yet so elegant. In fact, the beautiful embellishments are a sure shot add-on.

Source Craftsbury

7. One that defines sheer elegance!

These mint blue and yellow pair of silk thread kadas perked up with dainty gold embellishments and a beaded outlining are a not-so-common creation that will help you grab gobs of compliments. You can team them up with a mesmerizing mehndi outfit in the same colour combination and slay like a queen that you are. They make for a dashing pair of silk thread single bangles.

8. Go the neon way!

How about you go the offbeat route and incorporate a pop of neon in your jewels? Here's a fancy neon green and royal blue assemblage for your bridal hands. If these beauteous embellished silk thread bangles don't add the much-needed vibrancy to your look, what else will?

Source Dreamchers

9. An elegant color for the win 

Pastels have their own charm and these alluring dusty pink silk thread kadas decorated with pearls, golden beads and jarkans in semi-circular patterns qualify to be one of the best silk thread bangles for Indian brides. It is a not-so-common design and a must have for those on a lookout for something traditional yet chic at the same time.

10. A mesmerizing combo of greys and greens

While digging deep to find latest silk thread bangles for Indian brides, we stumbled upon this attractive stack that instantly got us smitten. It features a pretty pair of kadas with tear-drop shaped embellishments, glamorous emerald green and grey silk thread bangles, all put together in a stylish manner.

11. A refreshing blend of orange and pink

Curated with an ogle-worthy mix of baby pink and tangerine, these Indian style silk thread bangles are sure to captivate your hearts. Also, the winning pearl-embellishments, golden beads and kundan studs on the kadas are yet another detail to go gaga over and make you opt for it for at least one of your pre-wedding ceremonies.

Source etsy

12. Nothing beats a vibrant color like Royal Blue

Royal Blues undeniably have a striking appeal that is hard to ignore. And these pretty silk thread kadas in the same color etched with circular stones and a chain-like adornment in the centre has to be the one you add to your jewellery shopping checklist. It is a great alternative to those chunky oxidized bangles and can complete your traditional look just perfectly.

13. One with edgy details!

If you don't want to adorn your hands with too many bangles, just pick two or three silk thread kadas with elaborate and distinctive detailing, like the ones you see in the picture. While the black one is embellished with a half floral pattern and circular kundan festoons set up diagonally, the red ones are prettified with floral motifs and diamond-shaped embellishments in the centre. Pick your favourite pattern or mix and match to deck up your bridal hands.

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14. Minimal yet so beautiful

Want to keep it all simple and minimal? How about you pick something as surreally graceful as these baby pink and white thread bangles and fashion them with crystalized kadas etched with a bunch of pristine pearls on the edges!? It is an amazing design to take inspiration from.

15. Shades of green

Much like your bridal outfits, you can choose elegant and smashing color combinations for your silk thread bangles too. Here's one ravishing combination of lime green and turquoise you can take cues from for your mehndi. It boasts of delicate, sparkling stones and a bunch of floral adornments etched on some of the bangles.

16. Lilacs are creating all the noise

Here's yet another beguiling stack of Indian style silk thread bangles in lilac. It comprises of a huge silk thread kada in the centre which is ornamented with sparkling kundan details and two silk thread bangles sprinkled with circular studs. Its simplicity and elegance are sure to win your hearts.

Source Craftsbury

17. A great pick for your Haldi ceremony

Can't decide what accessory to wear with your haldi outfit? What better than this bunch of silk thread bangles in mustard yellow amped up with glimmering tiny studs. It will give your haldi look a dash of style and finesse to your otherwise simplistic haldi look.

Source Dreamchers

18. Some mirror elegance!

Who wouldn't say yes to these bright blue silk thread bangles teamed up with emerald green kadas enhanced with crystal studs, beaded chains, floral embellishments and a dash of mirrors? They are traditional, classy and a lot quirkier than your cliche glass bangles. 

Source Thread Me

19. A traditionally beautiful affair!

Why go the mainstream way when you can get so innovative and experimental with your choice of bangles too? These aubergine and orange silk thread bangles decorated with a handful of studs can make for a fool-proof mehndi accessory for all you brides. Especially the half and half kadas!

20.  Flower Power

Let florals takeover your jewels too, because why not? These vibrant silk thread kadas festooned with tear-drop stones, jarkans and small beaded chains are too pretty to be missed. You can not only team it with your mehndi outfit but also save it for later to be worn on a lot of other occasions as a newlywed.

Source Thread Me

21. When pearls and mirrors come together!

We're all hearts for these pastel pink silk thread bangles and kadas exquisitely trimmed with elegant pearls and scintillating mirror adornments. The sublime hue gives us more reasons to adore this phenomenal silk thread bangle design. Isn't it so eye-pleasing?

Source Silkthreads

22. For the love of elaborate details!

Are you someone who doesn't mind going a bit OTT with her accessories? If yes, then these lime green silk thread kadas partially covered with kundan stones & pearls in blooming floral patterns are sure to keep you hooked. They truly are amazing and can be teamed with corals, magentas, greens and so many other distinctive hues.

23. Simplicity at its best!

One can never go wrong with a bunch of vibrant silk thread bangles partially embellished with circular studs at equidistance. And these elegant ones in orange, yellow and maroon hues are an ideal choice for a small pooja ceremony or mehndi. Isn't it?

24. A striking creation with flowers

For those looking for something traditional yet stylish to clad their hands with, here is a pair of silk thread kadas embellished with flowers. Flowers never fail to leave us amazed with their charm. Which is why we couldn't help gushing over this enthralling silk thread bangle design.

25. Gold never goes out of fashion

Being a bride, you just can't do without having something in gold in your jewellery trunks. After all, it is one such color that goes well with almost every color. So we fetched these beautifully decorated silk thread bangles in gold for you. They are lightweight, stylish and a complete charmer.

Source Thread Me

Fancy Silk Thread Bangles Design

1. A vibrant tangerine hue

Talk about silk thread bangles designs and this one had to be in the list. The spectacular creation detailed with sparkling mirror embellishments, dangling jhumkis, tiny jarkans and pearls looks ultra-mod and can indeed turn your look upside down. Moreover, even if you keep your outfit understated and pair these glamorous bangles with it, it can alone do the trick and help you grab a lot of eyeballs.

2. It's all in the details!

Edgy and impressive details can work wonders in elevating your look. Keeping that in mind, we have got you these scintillating silk thread bangles adorned with heavy kundan details. While some have pretty floral patterns etched to them, others have diamonds and other circular studs embellished. However, the highlight is definitely the fully embellished silk thread kadas. They are adding that extra wow appeal to this beautiful stack of bangles.

3. Ivory and Blue-An ultimate combo!

We can't stop eyeing over this remarkable pair of silk thread bangles in hues of royal blue and ivory. Prettified with such stunning gold studded embellishments, beads and threads, this lovely silk thread bangle set is to die for. The classic combination of these colors with a hint of bling has us totally floored.

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4. A peachy affair

Some jewellery pieces instantly make you jump off your feet and have them incorporated in your trousseau. Same is the case with this cutesy set of silk thread bangles and kadas in peachy hues and sparkling Kundan detailing. It is super attractive and perfect for those who don't want to go overboard with their mehndi accessories. 

Source Craftsbury

5. Glam it up with peaches and oranges!

This ravishing silk thread bangle set is an epitome of grace. Right from raging hues like peach and orange to elegant diamond-shaped stones and pearl embellishments, everything about this stack is worth crushing over. One look at these modish set of silk thread bangles and you'll be arrested by their charm.

6. All about leafy and floral patterns

Wish to swear by the ever-so-raging floral patterns? Here's another notable silk thread bangle set with edgy floral and leafy work that you can opt for and deck up your hands with. Also, the pink and black hues are merging so well together. You can very well pair them with your traditional puja suits or a casual dress.

7. The charm of criss-cross patterns

Opt for a relatively stylish and unique pair of silk thread bangles enhanced with fancy criss-cross thread work patterns like these. We are loving how the royal blue criss-cross detailing is going so well with the light blue hue. What acts as a cherry on top are the dazzling stud embellishments adding all sorts of shimmery feel to it!

8. For the urban brides!

Brides who don't hesitate from experimenting even a bit and are always up for trying new colors and designs would surely root for this amazing set of Indian style silk thread bangles. It features two of the most eye-pleasing colors like blue and ivory that can alone take your wedding look a notch above. But the stone studded kadas in the centre, gold metal bangles in between and the glimmering stone embellishments further added more magnificence to it.

9. Let your silk kadas do all the talking!

Keep it simple yet royal on your sangeet ceremony by accessorizing your look with these uber chic baby pink silk thread kadas. The beaded outlining, twinkling polkis set in a floral framework and the leafy motifs are adding that much-needed appeal to these gorgeous beauties. Don't you agree?

Source Sunehra Art

10. One poured with an overdose of studs!

This red and white creation sprinkled with gobs of glimmering studs, jarkans and beads in an attractive fashion has us swooning on repeat. Those half-moon patterns created with stones and all things fancy on red silk thread bangles look so aesthetically graceful. 

Source Thread Me

11. Sharp and classy

Here's a bold set of silk thread bangles wrapped in shades of blue and highlighted with a handful of pearls, stone studded double line patterns and some golden beads. It is an apt pick for the new-age brides and can be easily worn with traditional outfits.

12. A quirky play of multi-colours

Don't want to stick to monotones and rather try something fun and vibrant? Then there's nothing more suitable and quirky than this multi-hued silk thread bangle set. It has got so many trendy colors, each one prettier than the other. Also, the circular & leafy kundan studs are simply impeccable.

13. Loving them sparkling embellishments!

With this loot-worthy silk thread bangle stack ornamented with rectangular kundan studs and fancy jhumki hangings, we put an end to your rigorous hunt for that perfect hand accessory to wear with your glimmering gold lehenga. It is sure to clad your hands beautifully. Also, you can always pick some number of kadas in case you wish to go overboard with your choices. 

14. Vibrant hues coupled with circular and rectangular patterns

These pink and green silk thread kadas are different from the rest in every which way. Whether it is the half and half color concept, the circular beaded detailing or the rectangular studded pattern, everything is super unique and is altogether adding to the beauty of these mesmerizing bangles.

15. A remarkable silk thread bangle set with heavy embellishments

If you're in search of something that screams bridal for your big day, we've got something that might end your search right here, right now. Take a glimpse of these fully embellished bangle set. It is curated by keeping the right amount of balance between the minimal pink silk thread bangles and the broad kadas with elaborate embellishments.

16. A winning red and white amalgamation

Nothing can beat the quintessential reds and whites when it comes to dressing up your bridal hands. So, don't hesitate from taking the classic route but with a twist. We've got you this delightful silk thread bangle stack compiled with simple red & white silk thread bangles, single line studded bangles and a bunch of broad silk thread kadas adorned with studs.

17. An elegant mix of colors and glimmer

When we talk about the best silk thread bangle designs, the ones that are a lot in vogue and have become a go-to choice amongst brides and bridesmaids are these excellently embellished bangles in hues of pink and yellow. From avant-garde patterns, sparkling embellishments to evergreen hues, this glam set of silk thread bangles has it all.

Source Dreamchers

18. Cast a spell with pastels!

Planning to wear a pastel pink lehenga on your D-day? We've found you the best kind of accessory to match with it. This concoction of baby pink and dusty blue silk thread bangles replete with silver embellishments and thread work is a not-so-usual pick and a definite hit for your big day. 

19. The charismatic fuschia pink 

What better than an electrifying fuschia pink silk thread bangle set elegantly bedecked with glimmering half-sun patterns created with polkis? It can inarguably add a pop of color to your wedding day look and how flawlessly!

20. Brimming with embellishments

Here's another fancy silk thread bangle set which screams pure elegance. It is drenched in effervescent hues like purple, yellow and white accompanied with noteworthy detailing comprising of some dainty gold beads, kundan florals and leaves.

21. Every bit stunning!

If we were asked to reveal our personal favourite from these latest Indian silk thread bangle designs, we would any day root for these peachy pink silk thread bangles partnered with stone studded ivory bangles and breathtaking crystalized kadas with pearl droppings.

22. A modern take on silk thread bangle designs

This one is one of the best silk thread bangle designs if you're searching for something stylish, sharp and sophisticated. The broad silk thread kada placed in the centre is perfectly teamed with basic red silk thread bangles, gold metal bangles and some more ivory silk thread bangles and crystalized kadas.

23. Aesthetical display of evergreen reds and greens!

These red and green silk thread bangles studded with kundans are oozing with extreme finesse and panache. Don't you simply adore how the two colors are clubbed together so gracefully? 

24. The ethereal beauty of florals

Are you one such bride who doesn't get tired of obsessing over florals even for once? Then these jhumki adorned floral motif silk thread kadas might be a treat to your eyes. They are remarkably bundled with half and half silk thread bangles and pearl-bedecked kadas.

25. The ever-so-classy blacks

This scintillating set of silk thread bangles featuring rich & elaborate golden beaded kadas, stone studded bangles and basic black silk thread bangles is so chic and breathtakingly beautiful. It is indeed one amazing silk thread bangles new design.

26. One with personalized details!

Personalizations have taken the wedding scene by the storm. Be it decorations, invites, bride & groom outfits or bridal footwear, we see a lot of couples swearing by this trend and add a hint of personal touch into every little and big wedding element. And to ensure you make the most of this trend too, we've got you these gorgeous set of silk thread bangles with personalized details. You can easily get your partner's name studded on your silk thread kadas, just how you see in the picture and team it up with your bridal outfit like a sassy bride. Also, don't miss out on those dangling mirror & jhumki adornments! They are lending this personalized silk thread bangle set a lot more grace.

27. The ever-stylish square and diamond-shaped studs

Lastly, here's a spectacular silk thread bangle set that looks phenomenal for more than one reasons. It is vibrant and elegant at the same time. Those shining square patterned and diamond-shaped kundan studs are making this stylish piece even more loot-worthy.

Source Silk Box


Don't you simply love all of these quirky silk thread bangle designs? Well, we're sure you must be ogling at these pretty designs as much as we are. Whether it is the personalized ones or the ones in unique pastel hues, each design is better than the other. Which one would you like to save for your wedding? Share with us in the comments.


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