8 Unique Rose Palla Designs We Spotted at Sikh Weddings

Divya Arora, 16 Jan 2019

With the ever-changing and evolving trends right from the outfits and accessories to the shaahi menu and the decor, Indian weddings have been setting standards globally that are unmatched. Taking everything a notch above, every aspect of an Indian wedding is taking an overwhelming leap of modernism without losing out on the traditional and cultural aesthetics. And we're always all keen and up for bringing all the new and gorgeous trends to you every day. One such trend that we spotted and instantly fell for is the upbeat use of flower or rose pallas for the palla rasam in Sikh weddings.

The simplistic grandeur and the blissful vibes of a traditional Sikh wedding are extraordinarily unparalleled and soulful. And these rose and pearl pallas so elegantly further adds a charm to the quaint aura of the sacred Anand Karaj ceremony.

Ditching the fabric pallas for an exquisite modern touch to the quintessential ceremonies, couples are opting for these latest Sikh wedding rose palla designs and we're left stunned by their beauty. These dainty pallas can be customized in different hued roses and can be single or double layered as well. These trendiest Sikh wedding palla designs are sure to tug at your heart and make you grab one for your wedding too.

Charming & Elegant Rose Palla Designs We Spotted in Sikh Weddings

The classic combination of red roses and pearls.

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White rose palla for an all pristine feel.

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An eye pleasing and charming mix of red, white and light peach roses with pearls.

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Double layered rose palla designs for the added oomph.

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Just a dash of yellow for the vividness.

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Single layered sikh wedding palla design with fresh baby pink roses.

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The one with huge and light-hued blooms.

Take the coordination game to a next level by matching the color of your palla with your outfits!

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