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Should You Throw A Cocktail Party? Here are Pros And Cons For Those In Doubt!

Nikita Roy, 02 Jun 2015

Intimate cocktail parties are the perfect occasion to invite friends and family members over to celebrate your new beginnings. These casual soirees are classy where guests mingle over drinks and have a gala time. But you need to look at some minus points as well. So if you are confused whether to host a simple yet extraordinary cocktail party or a customary sit-down dinner? Then have a gander at our low down on cocktail so you can lock your decision. Let start off with the Plus Points:

  1. It’s Easy to Plan- A Cocktail party is much easier to coordinate as it calls for intimate guests, some drinks and casual setting.  With minimal things required this can be done at drop of a hat. 1

2.  It’s Great for Music and Party Lovers- It’s definitely the more unconventional and classic route as you are enjoying the night till the dawn. One can have good foot tapping groovy music or one can a call DJ too, so that guests can shake a leg or two.

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3. Will Cool you down in this Blazing Summer Your friends and other guests and of course you too would like to cool down if you plan to have a wedding during this season. Cocktail party will be a welcome delight for all. Cheering up

4. Your Friends Will be Super Delighted


Who doesn’t like to have an awesome time to hang around with buddies and to have some booze will make your friends extra happy and glee.

5. You can dress to kill All the ladies do note that this is a great time to doll up chic and also gentlemen can dress up suave and look their best.

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But there are some cons that you should ponder upon before giving it a tick mark!

6. It will leave a big hole in your pockets Organizing a cool cocktail party will might lead to breaking a bank. Booze is costly, so are the bartenders and other party props. 6

7. Cocktail Party Alert: Know your Guests If you tend to have some party poopers who will get sloshed and can create a ruckus, then you should reconsider this idea as this may put off your some other guests. 7

8. Not many Indians are familiar or OK with such parties- One should consider this factor while planning for a cocktail party specifically for a themed cocktail party wherein guests as well as you must be comfortable in the setting.


9. Proper idea of Cocktails and Foods It is difficult to gauge the amount of ale required for such parties. If the stock of cocktails and food gets exhaust then it will bring down your party. 9

10. Many might feel Bored and Jaded- Many of your guests may not like party scenes or partying till the wee hours so they may feel little bored.



Think wisely and happy partying! Featured Image Credit: Pinterest

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