Most of the women start growing their hair from the day of the proposal to the day when she has to tie the knot. We all like to believe that a woman can only make a ravishing bride with long tresses but actually, that may not be the case. Introducing short hairstyle ideas for brides who don’t really give a damn about long hair and have always loved their short hair. And why wouldn’t they love their short hair? Short hair is easy to manage, doesn’t require much maintenance, and actually looks kick-ass compared to long hair. So, for all you to-be brides who are set on rocking short hair on their wedding functions, scroll below and get ready to take inspiration cuz we’ve found some fantastic options for you!

Top Short Hairstyle Ideas With Bridal Outfits

1. Hello Beach Wave Hair!

Ladies, beach wave hair is a classic, and all the ladies who frequently get their hair chopped, know it well. While beachy wave hair looks amazing with your crop top and shorts set, this hairdo works exceptionally well even with Indian bridal outfits. In fact, this hairdo will help accentuate your face and if you’re planning on donning heavy jewels then don’t opt for any other hairdo!

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2. A Little Braid Goes A Long Way!

While we know it's practically impossible to aim for a proper braid with short hair, who says that you cannot go for a little one? We suggest keeping your entire hair straight and having a little braid on top to amp up your hairdo. Ladies, we’re telling you that this hairstyle will not only help you stand out but will make you look great as well. Scroll below and see how these ladies have opted for their little braids.

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3. Let Em Curl

This one is a staple whether you have long hair or short hair. Pulling off curls is completely on person-to-person and we think that there would be absolutely no better occasion than your own wedding functions for going with this hairstyle. In fact, we were able to find so many real brides who did in fact go with curls on their wedding functions and these ladies looked so ravishing. Take a peek at how they got their curls done and hopefully, you too can find the perfect hairdo for yourself in here!

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4. Straight Hair For the Win

Ah, and we come to the safest option there is for all ladies when we talk about short hair. A straight hairdo is perfect for one too many reasons such as it's a safe choice, there’s no fuss in handling it and there’s a ton of head jewellery that can be adorned with it. Leave it simple or add head jewellery, it's all up to you. But either way, straight hair is a must for at least one of your wedding functions.

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Trendy Short Hairstyle Ideas That'll Go Perfect With Your Bridal Outfit - Braids To Beach Waves & More!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Trendy Short Hairstyle Ideas That'll Go Perfect With Your Bridal Outfit - Braids To Beach Waves & More!