For any love story to work, timing (amongst other things) is one of the key elements. And when the timing of everything is odd, or unsavoury, confusion is bound to happen. However, we always find couples who brave against all odds and have their winsome wedding nuptials, despite all hurdles they cross. Such is the wedding story of Shivangi & Pulkit, a couple who had planned their grand 'band baaja and baraat' to the last detail, yet had to change everything when the time of their wedding came.

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Introducing Shivangi & Pulkit's Elegant Intimate Wedding

Shivangi and Pulkit met each other while pursuing law. And their journey wasn't going to be limited to being just acquaintances in the same college. From being total strangers to classmates to best friends for life, the duo saw it all, until of course, they began dating. For them, their three years of dating wasn't just limited to unbound romance and a bunch of senseless fights. They were like two doves, in love, and ready to turn their relationship into a wedded union. Just like any relationship, theirs was based on truth, love and care, which they found in each other. And once they were truly sure, they approached their families who gave them their blessing to become the future Mr and Mrs Malhotra. 

Initially, Shivangi and Pulkit had planned for a wedding with approximately 500 guests in attendance. It was going to be a grand affair indeed, with festivities starting almost 9 days before the actual wedding. They had even nailed all the bookings in place, from DJs to resorts, caterers and wedding planner. Every last detail was planned and the date was set to be 29th June. 

However, the global pandemic struck. And what ensued was a lot of confusion. 

The couple had to constantly keep changing their wedding date, skipping between July, August and even December. Some dates were unsuitable for the bride's family, some for the grooms. There was also Pulkit's newlywed sister, who was unable to come to the wedding due to being abroad. But ultimately, after much consideration, they decided that the wedding should take place on the originally planned date, that was 29th June. 

For the wedding, Shivangi was dressed in a gorgeous pink lehenga with gold intricate embroidery all over it. One of the most unique elements about her bridal ensemble was her gold maangtikka, designed in a unique rectangular shape. The groom, on the other hand, was dressed in off white kurta-pyjama with a Nehru jacket on top with golden work to match his bride's use of gold, along with a peach safa and peach stole.  

From the decor to the bride and groom's outfits, everything was bought and winged in the last moment. The bride's chadar that was held over her head as she walked down the aisle was made from Phulkari, unlike something fancy and decorative like these Phoolon ki Chaadar

The idea of an intimate wedding wasn't the most exciting for the couple, at first. However, with just a few close family and friends, the couple enjoyed every function. So much so, that the groom's bachelor party lasted a good 12 days back to back. And just like it was planned, the couple had the Jago, Cocktail night and Shagun ceremony, albeit with proper safety precautions on either side. While the couple did everything, everything was a bit more low-key and minimal, which in the end went quite well together. 

The guest list of 500 was reduced to 50, and the rest of their family chimed in virtually. The couple live-streamed their intimate wedding on YouTube so that every friend and family (even the does far away) could join them. And even though COVID-19 disallowed many from not coming, their love and enthusiasm for the couple's wedding were not reduced at all.

It was a truly fun union to celebrate for the couple, as this wedding was going down in the history of all their family weddings to date. 


Wedding Photographer: Shivram Labs | Wedding Venue: Festyn Royale(Amritsar) | Makeup Artist: Punya Sharma | Bridal Outfit: Sitara by GKX (Amritsar) | Bridal Jewellery: Shree Durga Jewellers | Groom's Outfit: Panache (Amritsar) 


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These Classmates Turned Into Couple Live-streamed Their Intimate Wedding on YouTube

by Shivani Singh

These Classmates Turned Into Couple Live-streamed Their Intimate Wedding on YouTube