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For All The SRK Fans, 15+ Shah Rukh Khan Songs For Sangeet Night!

Rashmi Jayara, 29 Feb 2020

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In India, Sangeet night is a synonym for DANCE! People practice for months to prepare for their sangeet performances. We have always helped you in choosing the right songs for your wedding playlist. And when it comes to sangeet night playlist, Bollywood has always given us some gems. Be it iconic mehendi laga ke rakhna rakhna or shava shava, we can never get enough of these peppy songs. But you know what these songs have in common? The king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan!

Today, we have curated the best Shahrukh Khan songs for the sangeet night! If you or your husband-to-be is a fan of SRK just like us, then here are the popular Shahrukh Khan songs because Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi ek baar hoti hai, pyaar ek baar hota hai, AUR Sangeet night bhi ek baar hoti hai 😉 

P.S: Don't forget to see this cutest video on the Internet where the groom surprised her bride with a SRK special dance! (Aww)

Best Shahrukh Khan Bollywood Songs For Sangeet Night

First up is an evergreen song for a romantic dance

How could we miss this hit from our childhood?

Want a bridal solo performance on SRK song? Here you go! 💃

We are still trying to learn the hook step of this dance number! What about you? 

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Perfect song for your duet dance performance

Looking for a Shahrukh Khan song for sangeet night? This song is feeki-feeki

Some songs are close to heart! Like this SRK song 👯‍♀️

SRK proving that he is THE KING of romance

For all the Punjabis in the house this popular Shahrukh Khan song for sangeet night is 👌

A song from our childhood favourite film K3G!

SRK + Arijit Singh's voice = Couple dance performance

This song is the ideal choice for a group dance performance

Can we ever get enough of this song? Nah!😍

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It was hard to pick the best song from this film :D

Burn the dance floor with the disco vibe

Brides, make a grand entry with this iconic walk!

For the ladkevala and ladkivali face-off 🕺

All the Rajni fans.....

Show your partner what you feel for him/her 💃

Best Shahrukh song for sangeet night! Finish your performance with this finale performance! 

Don't forget to see this cutest video on the Internet where the groom surprised her bride with a SRK special dance! 


A BIG fan of Shahrukh Khan just like us! Which song(s) would you prefer for your sangeet night?