ShaadiSaga Giveaway Month: Game of Thrones Special Contest *ENTER NOW*

Divya Arora, 10 May 2019

ShaadiSaga is not just a wedding planning portal that simply takes care of all your wedding needs but, it is way more than that. We're a savior with our kitties brimming with hacks & ideas for when you're a damsel in distress amidst your wedding planning journey. We're the harbingers of latest trends while keeping you up-to-date with everything that's in and everything that's not. And well, quite exuberantly, we're also nothing less than a Santa's gift bag that always has something surprising in store for all of its readers and followers.

While we previously brought you a chance to win a luxurious mini-moon with your bae in Dubai and while we're happily up with quick giveaways on our Instagram every now and then, what we have for you today will blow your freakin' mind. Because this isn't just another giveaway. This time it's BIGGER and TOO MUCH!

Because we love spoiling and drenching you all with our love, we've come up with the mother of all giveaways that's going to last a month long! Yes, you read that right! One month of surprises wherein, for four weeks we'll be coming up with themed giveaways every Friday, starting today, i.e., 10th May 2019.

In partnership with some of the best beauty & lifestyle brands like Emcee Beauty, NeceSera, Clutch It and Amama, we're giving you a chance to win surprises that are super edgy and unique that you'd love to boast about! So buckle up people and scroll down below for all the deets.

Giveaway #2: Game of Thrones Special

Now that the last ever episode of Game of Thrones is just around the corner, we thought to make this time more happening and blingy for you! Because to win this giveaway you'd have to do something that's really fun and blingy because what you'd be winning is basically 'bling on point'! For this giveaway we have this breathtakingly stunning pair of embellished earrings from Amama (that we really wish we could keep for ourselves but, we love you more so yeah!)

Source Amama
Source Amama

The last date to enter this giveaway is 19th May 2019, Midnight. So head to the Instagram post below for more details on this week's giveaway and how to enter! Ready? GO!


Giveaway #1: Mother's Day Special (closed)

Make this Mother's Day i.e., 12th May 2019 more special for your mommy darling by winning her this gorgeous clutch by Clutch It done in multi-colored sequined beads.

Source Clutch It
Source Clutch It

The last date to enter this giveaway is 12th May 2019, Midnight. So all you need to do is head to the below given Instagram post for more details about the giveaway and how to enter. GO! GO! GO!

As much as we'd love to disclose the rest of the giveaways right now we'd also love to have some fun along with and keep it a secret until next Friday i.e., 24th May, 2019. :P


Stay Tuned!