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Set The Entrance On Fire With These Grand Firework Entries!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 18 Nov 2016

It's your reception night which means the wind-up of all traditional rituals and the beginning of a superb fun night. This night probably also might be the only wedding occasion where you'll make the grand entry with your hubby as a couple. And wouldn’t you want to make that entry of yours memorable for you and also for the guests?

You just cannot be that conventional couple who is only willing to walk straight holding hands. I say, you make the best use of it and do not let anyone for that matter steal your sparkle. Talking about sparkle and shimmer, how about having a sparkler or a firework entrance on your reception night? Ever thought about it? If you're already dreaming about this trending plus enchanted entry, make sure you do a couple of things before finalising it, firstly, talk to the venue folks for this kind of an entrance (because they might be like ‘Say No To Crackers’)  and secondly, don't go OTT with the crackers because you know the Delhi POLLUTIONNNN!

So, if you think your venue folks and decorators are able to pull this off, here are some stunning 10 pictures of firework entry that we simply loved:


Image Credits: Cupcake Productions

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Image Credits: DotDusk Studios


Image Credits: WeddingNama


Getting Married?

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Image Credits: Stories by Joseph Radhik


Image Credits: DotDusk Studios


Image Credits: WeddingNama


Image Credits: Cupcake Productions


Image Credits: Romesh Dhamija Productions

PS: And just so you know, you can totally try this out for your wedding night as well just the way these real life couples have done. Go ahead, take some inspiration!

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Image Credits: Dipak Studios


Image Credits: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Featured Image Credits: WeddingNama

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