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As life resumes back in the country with India entering the first phase of ‘Unlock’, the couple who have been waiting to say “I do” have all reasons to celebrate. The time to tie the knot for life has finally arrived as the wedding industry is all set to function again. However, this time around the wedding ceremonies come along with certain safety precautions that everyone is required to follow. But Hey! Trust us, Intimate Weddings are fun, in some cases even more than the big fat Indian weddings! 

Believing that intimate weddings will give you the luxury of starting this new journey of your life at the same place where you grew up as this bride did. We thought to enlighten you with safety precautions & measures that you must FOLLOW for your beautiful at-home wedding.

Must-Follow These 9 Safety Precautions For Your Home Wedding

Incorporate Health and Safety Measures in Creative Ways

First things first, staying clean, hygienic and healthy during these times should be the top most priority. And, that is why it is important to distribute hand sanitizers to guests as soon as they arrive in a way that they keep it with them for the entire ceremony. Pre-wedding favours or welcome gifts can be a good way to do so.

Wearing Gloves and Masks are a Must!

Even in a small gathering of 50 people, everyone needs to wear gloves and masks whenever they are in contact with each other. You can get all creative with your masks and gloves you wear. You can always colour coordinate them with your outfits or can get ones with slogans printed on them to keep the fun vibe of the wedding alive. Please note that vendors serving the guests, especially the catering staff and bartenders must wear protective gear.

Plated Meals Over Buffet!

Your food needs special care in times of this crisis. Extreme safety precautions must be followed in the way your dishes and drinks are prepared. It is a smart idea to opt for plated meals instead of a buffet at weddings for now! If your wedding has to have a buffet system, then make sure that multiple small stalls are set up instead of long ones.

Opt For Socially Distant Seating Arrangements!

Your Wedding ceremony must be staged creatively but most importantly maintain social distancing. Make sure you follow the norms of social distancing with spaced seating arrangements near the stage, mandap, and the dining area.

Go Traditional in Your Way of Greeting!

Contactless greetings like Namaste, salam, or a simple hand wave with a beaming smile that has been existing in our culture for a very long time are encouraged in today’s times.

Shorter Wedding Ceremonies with Less Number of Guests Will Suit the Situation the Best!

While is it very important that you make sure that the number of guest at your wedding does not exceed the count of 50, it is also advised to you to cut short your ceremonies for the shortest possible time, for we must avoid being in large gathering for long periods at the moment.

Multiple Ceremonies with Different Guests

We know that 50 guests is a very less number but how about you invite your loved ones in various ceremonies. A way to accommodate all of them could be inviting different guests for different wedding ceremonies that you are planning to have at your wedding.

Digital Invites!

This one again is very important. Sending out digital invitations will help you minimise physical contact. They are also very cost-efficient as you save the money incurred in printing and sending out physical invites.

Upgrade the Entertainment Quotient at Your Wedding

In times like this, it is best to avoid going out for fun activities at your wedding. Fun quizzes about the couple, live musical performances, silent disco, etc. can be some useful alternatives.

Last Words!

There you go, now you know all the precautions that you need to be careful of while planning your big day at home. So, what are you waiting for? Get planning now! And, hey! Happy Wedding ❤️

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9 Safety Precautions To Follow For Your Home Aka #IntimateWedding! 

by Apoorva Saxena

9 Safety Precautions To Follow For Your Home Aka #IntimateWedding!