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15+ Latest Mughal & Royal Decor For Your Grand Wedding

Rashmi Jayara, 31 Jan 2020

An Indian wedding without decor is like a dish without any spice. BORING! After attending multiple weddings in our lives, we must have observed numerous wedding decor. From all-floral decor to luminous lights, we must have spotted a variety of decorations. But our favourite decor would be the classic royal decor for weddings. 

We cannot get over from the beautiful Mughal decors that we spotted in the real weddings. The Mughal decor gives the wedding a royal touch. There are various ways in which you can make your wedding decor royal and beautiful. Gear up brides, and start taking screenshots for your ultimate wedding decor inspo. 

15+ Magnificent Mughal Decor For Weddings

1. Grand Entrance

The entrance of your venue can tell a lot about the function. To amaze the guests, you can add some artificial props at the entrance to make the wedding royal. To make your wedding venue lustrous, ask your decorator to add bulbs and various flowers at the entry gate. 

2. Stage Area

The main focus is on the sofas/seats where the couple sits. One can play a lot when it comes to the stage area. To give your seating, the Mughal feel, fill your decor with tents of red shades. It will give a regal vibe. If you want to make your wedding decor royal with flowers, make sure to choose the right ones. 

Source Tanvi & Co.

3. Jaimala Stage

At the time of the Jai mala exchange, it is very important to give a separate area for that ceremony. Just like these couple, you can also ask your wedding planner to add the sumptuous lotus stage at your wedding. 

4. Mandap Area

In the chaos of decorating the whole venue, don't forget to make your mandap area lavish. We cannot take our eyes off from these enthralling mandap areas. They are so beautiful that they look unreal. 

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5. Regal Elephants

Elephants are considered to be a sign of royalty since ages. So why not inculcate the statues of elephants at your wedding, to make it more regal? You can either add beautiful showpieces or can make it huge with the floral elephants. 

Source Pink Palki

6. Seating For Guests

The area where guests will sit, should be adorned beautifully. For the Moroccan feels, you can add small pieces of monuments. And with the white colour, you can include mirrors and white flowers. If you want to keep it minimal, decorate your wedding venue with embroidered props. The last picture is the perfect venue for your haldi ceremony. 

Source Pinterest
Source Rani Pink
Source Rani Pink

7. Glorious Chandeliers

Always remember a hack in life. Chandeliers can make anything royal and regal. In these three beautiful weddings, we spotted different types of chandeliers. Don't forget to add them too. 

Source Tanvi & Co.

We are in love with the mughal decor. What about you? Share your views with us.