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7 Cutesy Wedding Duties for the Little Kiddies of Your Family

Divya Arora, 09 Mar 2019

Excitedly running and frolicking about throughout the wedding, spreading contagious cheer are these little munchkins of your family who seem to be enjoying the wedding the most. Consumed in their own fun, grooving and playing amongst themselves, kids are an indispensable and joyous aspect of a wedding.

But, let's face it, we all know how they tend to get cranky and messy after a while because of long ritualistic hours. And to avoid that turning into unmanageable havoc, the trick is to keep them busy and occupied. Of course, having fun activity corners for them to indulge in is one way. Another amazing way to keep them hooked to the elongated wedding revelries is to assign them with certain easy-peasy roles and responsibilities. These roles that kids can play at weddings would surely keep them all excited without letting them get bored and they're gonna look super adorable doing that.

To aid you with that, we've listed some of the cutesy wedding roles for kids that you can incorporate in your wedding. Check 'em out!

Cutesy & Fun Roles Kids Can Play at Weddings

1. Be the Ringbearers

Move over the elders or the bridesmaids holding ring trays and let the kids do this for you. Let them be those official ring bearers for your engagement for a whole new level of freshness at your wedding.

2. Proceed the Bridal entry

Let the cutesy little kiddies of your family walk the bride down the aisle making up for a unique bridal entry idea. Be it the darling flower girls in coordinated outfits or the little boys walking along holding up mushy & funny placards, the cuteness factor this would add to your wedding is beyond measure. And well, this also makes up for one of the most famous wedding roles for kids.

3. Aid in joota chupai

Now, of course, one of the best things to get done by the kids in a wedding is to aid the "bridesmaids gang" in hiding the groom shoes. Well, think about it. Nobody would be able to guess how those shoes were sneakily stolen while all of you were being watched. Because after all, who would have thought that those innocent kids would end being so smart at this!

4. Add their cuteness to the wedding dance performances

Do include the kids in your dance performances or maybe even have 'em kiddies group up and give a fun and charming performance at the Sangeet ceremonies. We bet they're gonna steal the whole goddamn show!

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5. Distributing wedding favours

Another job for kids at weddings that you can ideate around is them distributing favours. Have them available at the favor stations to hand over the goodies to everybody. It's unquestionably going to look really adorable and something different.

6. Make them part of the Couple Photoshoots

Of course, photos with kids are a must in a wedding photo album but specifically incorporating in your couple photos would add a delightful and lovely charm. Making up for some unique and edgy couple photos, this wedding role for kids is so offbeat!

7. Let them do the rituals too

Make them a part of your rituals as well. Be it applying haldi, welcoming the groom or being the little sarbala, kids look super admirable whilst actively being a part of all the ceremonies.

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Let us know if you have any other ideas and roles for kids at weddings!