Planning on a low-key Roka ceremony at home and can’t decide how to manage the decorations in a budget? Fret not, we’re here to help you make a bang on first impression (with your decor) and that too without burning a hole in your pockets. 

Being the trendspotters that we are, we’ve time and again spotted couples incorporating a lot of quirky decor elements in their wedding functions that are not only beautiful but are also affordable. Right from vibrant origami cranes, blingy fringe garlands to cutesy mason jar centerpieces, there are way too many whimsical options available. We’ve listed some easy-peasy and affordable ones that you can include in your decor and make your home Roka ready.

Go, check them all right now!

Smart ways to make your home Roka ready (Under 10k)

1. Add dainty tassles!

Just decorate one wall with colorful tassel garlands and see it become the highlight of your Roka ceremony.

(Buy Tassel Garlands HERE, INR 349)

2. Jazz it up with shimmery drapes

A hint of shimmer can completely turn around the decor of your Roka. Just how these pretty sequinned drapes gathered in one corner did!

Source Decor Drama

(Buy Shimmery Drapes HERE, INR 1,986)

3. Decorate the chairs with ribbons

Colorful ribbons or streamers can add an extra charm to your Roka seatings. All you've gotta do is elegantly tie them at the back of your chairs and you're done.

[1] Source Pinterest [2] Source Pinterest

You can even randomly hang them around your home. 

(Buy Colorful Streamers HERE, INR 652)

4. Set up the tables with Mason jar centerpieces

A bunch of baby's breaths, sunflowers, and a mason jar can together make for a perfect centerpiece for your dining area.

[1] Source Pinterest [2] Decor by Atisuto Events, Mumbai

(Buy Mason Jars HERE, INR 299)

5. Light it up with candles

What is even a decor without some glimmering candles? Add a few candles here and there to make your Roka a lit affair!

[1] Decor by Atisuto Events, Mumbai [2] Source Pinterest

(Buy Pillar Candles HERE, INR 308)

If you want something unique, you can even try these glass tea-light candle holders for decorations

(Buy Tea-light Candle Holder Set HERE, INR 1,095)

6. Add a few quirky cushions to your seatings

How can you not include such pretty and colorful cushions to your guests' seatings?

(Buy Sequinned Cushion Cover HERE, INR 296)

7. Opt for some magical flower arrangements

For an intimate and cozy Roka ceremony, you can trim the entrance of your home with a few marigold and mogra garlands 

Source Toran Decor

If you and your beloved have a thing for flowers, you can even go OTT with your flower decorations and leave aside the rest.

(Approx. Budget: INR 1500-2000, Reach out your local florist or nearest flower market for cheaper rates)

Another way you can beautify your home on your Roka day is by putting those age-old brass vessels to use by filling them with water and flower petals (or maybe, just flowers). 

[1] Planned by Designer Events Inc., Delhi [2] Source Rani Pink

8. Create a special corner with fun photos of you two

Take out printables of your photographs and hang them on a fairy light web, set up in a corner of your home.

(Buy Mini Bulb String Light HERE, INR 370)

9. Festoon your home with pretty DIY-able stuff

Make paper boats and cranes out of colored glaze papers, sew them into threads and hang them around your home.

You can even make paper fans and stick them on the entrance of your home or maybe at your jhoola seating.

(Buy Origami Sheets HERE, INR 198)


What all elements will you include in your Roka? Share with us in the comments.

Uber Chic & Affordable Roka Ceremony Decor Ideas at Home (Within 10K)

by Anupriya Khanna

Uber Chic & Affordable Roka Ceremony Decor Ideas at Home (Within 10K)