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From Trash To Treasure: 18 Ways To Reuse Old Material As Wedding Decor

Shivani Singh, 02 Sep 2020

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Upcycling is one of the best ways to decorate an intimate wedding setting. You can use the simplest items at home and create custom, personalised decor items. It's probably one of the best ways of saving money while creating pretty elements to amplify your wedding's entire look. 

From nifty of things like scrap paper and fabrics to the more gorgeous stuff like glass jars, bottles and tins- there's a lot of stuff in our homes that go into the trashcan without even being considered as useful. However, these are the very elements that can turn your intimate wedding into a customised event, that speaks your personality at every angle and is something less wasteful and even eco-friendly wedding. So, without further ado, scroll down below and check out how you can reuse material from your home and turn it into wedding decor treasure!

18 Upcycled Decor Elements For Your Intimate Wedding

Glass Bottles

We all have glass bottles in our homes, whether they're from a milkshake joint, or a collection of wine and other alcohols. The point is, collecting them might not be such a bad idea since these glass bottles can be used as decor in various ways. Now, you can either repurpose them by painting on them or keep them bare. You can even recreate designs on them using jute rope. In fact, you can use these glass bottles as centrepieces, flower vases, decorative elements and much more!

Source: Pinterest; Altair

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Wooden Cola Crates 

Once you have painted the glass bottles you can decorate them in wooden cola crates that are an excellent way to upcycled decor elements for your dream intimate wedding. Check out how beautifully Altair - the wedding design company used these wooden crates for a wedding. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Dixie Cup Garlands

Dixie cups are the regular styrofoam cups that you probably bought hoping to use them at a road trip or picnic. However, now they're lying stagnant in some supply cupboard. We suggest that you pull them out to create some gorgeous garlands by tieing them together. To jazz it up further, you can either paint them in pretty patterns or instead of a simple thread, use fairy lights! 

Source Pinterest

Repurposed Tin Cans

Again, just like glass bottles, tin cans generally end up in the trashcan once the contents inside are used up. We suggest that you paint tin cans in either metallic colours like gold, copper or silver, or paint them in bright pastels- whichever matches your theme better. Tin cans can be used are great centrepieces, table displays, corner props, flower vases, etc. 

Source Pinterest
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Use Fabric Scraps For Colourful Buntings

If you're a crafty person (or someone in your family is) then it's normal to have old fabric scraps. They could even be pieces of your old clothes. Now, what you have to do is to cut these fabric scrapes into a certain (symmetrical) shape. Then attach them on a long thread to create buntings which can be hung all over walls, or if you're at an outdoor setting then they can be tied around trees, lamp posts etc. 

Source Pinterest

Recycled Hessian/Jute Cloth

This one is rare, as not many people keep jute cloth in their homes. However, if in case you do, then it can be repurposed into a gorgeous banner for the happy couple! Either cut out a huge rectangular piece for a single banner or cut them up into similar shapes to create a bunting banner- the choice is yours!

Source Pinterest

Old Glass Jars

Similar to glass bottles and tin cans, old (or used) mason jars can make amazing decor items. They come in all shapes and sizes. Now, you can either use them to decorate the venue or use them as a catering element. Paint 'em, cover them in threads, beads or other craft material. All in all, they look gorgeous in every way. 

Reuse Your Diwali Fairylights 

We all have fairylights kept in our homes from last year's Diwali. And they are enough to cover your entire home for sure! Plus, fairylights are the one decor item that everyone loves so much for their whimsical and uplifting vibe. So, get creative and use your fairy lights to the fullest, prettiest way possible!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Use Vintage Items As Decor

It could be an old typewriter or maybe your grandparent's gramophone that's been catching the dust, any old item can be used as your vintage decor. They're a bit dark but have their own quirky and beautiful appeal. So, to add a flair of subtle, use these items from the past along with a few flowers and turn them into gorgeous wedding decor ideas!

Old Books As Centerpieces

One of the easiest ways to add charm to any setting is using a stack of old books. Now, it's obvious that all book lovers have a few old books lying around from their childhood days that they aren't going to read again. So, using them as the decor is not only a fascinating take but sophisticated yet unique!

DIY Flowers With Scrap Paper

Yes, DIY! Now, I can hear a lot of people going, 'Oh No! Not more craftwork!" But, trust us making flowers out of useless paper can be quiet therapeutic. Especially if you get all your family in on it. You can either go for a lot of flowers in small sizes or choose to make big ones that can be mounted on the wall. And there is a tonne of tutorial material on Pinterest and Youtube!

Source Pinterest

Simple Pen & Paper For Signs

One of the simplest ways of upcycling your wedding decor is by creating signs and quotation boards with simple items like white paper and pens. If you're a gifted person in calligraphy, then this will be an easy peasy task for you. However, if you're not very talented with the pen, then you can always trace it through a printout or the computer screen. 

Use House Planters To Add A Bit Of Green

House plant always add an amazing touch to your decor. The addition of green fauna makes the entire environment more fresh and vibrant! So, move your plants around a bit and use them as decor inspired by some green. 

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Repurpose Old Pictures Into A Photoboard

We all love photo boards. They're a nice walk down memory lane that can be turned into a personalised decor element at an intimate wedding. All you have to do is gather some of the fondest photographs from your life and string them up on a board or a makeshift photo stand to put on display!

Newspaper Used As Origami

You've seen the origami cranes and you've seen all the fun things people do with the newspaper. Now, take both of them together and you have newspaper origami! Hang them around in the venue and if you wish to add a flare of colour then you can always dip them in the paint.

Source Pinterest

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Paper Cones For Starters

Looking for cones to serve starters to your guests? Take some inspiration from this wedding where Altair made these beautiful Bollywood paper cones for a traditional mehendi bazaar.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai
Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Reuse Your Own Furniture

Of course one of the best ways of adding a personal flair to your wedding is by using your home furniture! It can be the quirkiest sofa chairs you own or a gorgeously comfortable set of couches. Small tables, coffee tables, lights, rugs, small chairs etc. - there is so much fun and aesthetic stuff in our homes that can be used as wedding decor idea!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Old Multi-Coloured Bangles

Thanks to our mothers, we have tonnes of bangles in our homes. Most of which are fairly unused. So, use these bangles to create bangle chandeliers or other decorative material which can add a bright pop to your wedding!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai