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4 Simple Ways To Restyle Your Bridal Gown In An Ethnic Way!

Shivani Singh, 06 Jun 2020

Gowns are one of the most ethereal elements that a bride can add to her trousseau. However, wearing them the same way every time can become a bit boring. We've seen brides in gorgeous A-line gowns, and also had a battle of the outfits between a reception saree and a reception gown. However, when the question is about restyling your gown differently, then we suggest you go ethnic and traditional!

Adding Indian touches to your gown is not very hard.  A few changes here and a few there, and you'll be ready with a brand new look altogether. There are many ways of doing it, as long as it looks chic and appealing. Fusion wear is all the rage nowadays, and adding an Indianised touch to modern outfits is what all celebrities and brides are doing these days. So, why should you stay behind? We say join the fashion trend wagon! Here are all the fun ways you can style your gown in an ethnically. 

How To Style Your Gown In An Ethnic Way

1. Change Up Your Hairstyle

Generally, gowns are paired with either open or semi-open hairstyles. We suggest that you change your hairdo. Instead of going in for a jazzy open hairdo, go in for a more traditional one like a classic hair bun or a chunky braid with flowers or a parandi adorning it. You can also add accessories that make your hair look more' desi' than contemporary. 

2. Add A Dupatta Or A Veil (Or Both!)

Many fashion stylists agree that one of the best ways of restyling your gown is by adding a dupatta or veil to it. Dupattas and veils give off a more ethnic vibe than just a gown. They turn your entire outfit a bit more whimsical. Long veils, trails, and dupattas, with embroidery and sequins, are just what you need to make your look a bit more traditional. 

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3. Pair It With Traditional Jewellery

Usually, brides pair their gowns with the likes of diamonds and Swarovski's. However, if you're looking to Indianise your gown, then swap your contemporary jewellery with more traditional ones like jhumkas, chaandbalis, bahubali earrings, maangtikkas, etc. Honestly, the list of traditional bridal jewellery is endless and this is truly one of the best ways of changing up your look. 

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4. Pick A More Indianized Gown Material (silk fabrics, zari work, heavy embroidery)

One of the easiest ways of turning your look ethnic is to choose a gown made with material that gives off a traditional/ethnic vibe. Choose materials like silk, with heavy embroiders like zari work, 3D stonework, etc. Stuff that you may spot on lehengas and sarees. 


So, are you ready to restyle your gowns ethnically? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!