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Rendezvous With Morvi, Who is Known For Her Iconic Style & Vibrant Colors (Morvi Images)

Neha Garg, 21 May 2015

An essence of modern era wedding photography, Morvi Kumari, is turning heads in the photography world with a portfolio of artistic lens that any other photographer would envy. She has earned a reputation for her spectacular sprawling flashes and has photographed virtually every beautiful moment of a wedding affair, making it GALA. A post graduate in ‘Communication Design’ from Winchester School of Arts, a creative soul, a panache & a unique style photographer, all these have made her spirit of working, really wondering. She is a talented photographer who has been at it for some time, taking her photography to new heights and creating outstanding photos that makes you say WOW. Her creations fascinate her friends and family for their complexity and unique style. I am excited to share Morvi’s recent interview with Shaadisaga, where she tells us what motivates her and what she loves to do. Her answers are typically flattering, often minimal and make you smile. See the superb images and insights of her work below!

How did you end up being a Wedding Photographer, and what made you choose photography as a career?

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Photography is not something I decided on consciously; it came naturally to me right from the beginning. My tryst with photography started very early when I was a kid in the school. I picked up a point and shoot camera and I have never looked back since. It is very rewarding to have a copy of those perishable moments in my hard disk. Photography gives you the illusion of being so powerful and time owning, even if it is for a fraction of a second. Once I fell in love with the camera, there was only reinforcement of my passion over the years. Weddings seemed the most obvious next step to me, as it defines beauty, grandeur, emotional ties and a union of two people.

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You are known for your unique style. Can you talk a bit more about your style & work pattern?


I consider myself an “artistic photojournalist.” Every occasion elucidates a story and sets events in motion. I take a step back, and let the story unfold naturally.  My goal is to be true to that moment. Evolving over time has simply come from being honest with myself. Brainstorming over my weaknesses and how I can improve them. I’m not big on comparing myself to the industry, as we all see in such different ways. Regardless of how often I’ve photographed a similar event or visited a specific venue, I make every effort to document my subjects in a unique and creative way.

What do you prefer, flash or natural light for a wedding? What is your favorite time to shoot the wedding pictures?


Both Natural and flash lighting has its own charm. But for me, Natural light makes everything so much more beautiful. I love to use natural light as much as possible. My favorite time to shoot is Dawn or Dusk when the light is soft and the surrounding serene. Sun’s dramatic yellow and orange add a lot of character to the images.

Do you think wedding industry in India has changed & female photographers are awarded the same space like men?


Yes, it has changed, in fact the Indian wedding photography is witnessing a glasnost at the moment. This is the most remarkable and experimental era. Wedding photography is not one of the many things at a wedding anymore, it is ‘the thing’ at weddings. People understand the importance of it and are ready to test the waters and have a futuristic appeal to the photographers. I firmly believe, gender is no bar today. Whether male or female, if your work is good, the industry will accept you. It's not uncommon to see female photographer or decorator or florist. Female these days are not fighting, but making their own space, and it’s rewarding.

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What has been your most splendid/extravagant/special wedding so far?

Each wedding is close to my heart and soul. However, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the destination wedding that I covered in 2012 at Devigarh Palace, Rajasthan. Beyond the opulence and fantastic persona of the venue, it was one of the defining assignments for me as a photographer. I was the sole photographer at a wedding with over three hundred guests at a mammoth place. It was a tremendous responsibility and the couple’s conviction in my work made it so special.

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What is your favorite photography essential that you can't live without?

Canon 85mm. It’s my favorite lens.

Here is a quick bite on Morvi and her superb work!

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