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Stylish Outfits To Keep You Warm If You Have A Winter Wedding On The Calendar

Simran Keswani , 21 Nov 2017

Figuring out what to wear to a winter wedding to stay stylish yet warm can be quite a task to perform. The unfortunate con of putting off all your backless blouse can really ruin your fashion statement. But, worry not because we’ve got you sorted ...


Inside Pictures From Yuvraj and Hazel's Grand Reception in Delhi!

ShaadiSaga, 08 Dec 2016

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech who tied the knot in Chandigarh and Goa last week hosted a grand reception in Delhi last night. Yuvraj and Hazel were seen adorning embroidered and embellished outfits by JJ Valaya. The star-studded ceremony witnessed ...


These 7 New-Age Wedding Vows Are What We Want To Promise Our Better Halves!

Sanchita Kalra, 22 Nov 2016

Our weddings are full of happiness, love and a lot of tears! But to keep everyone happy and stress-free, don't we all need a little humor? After all, it’s sugar and spice that makes everything nice! So, during your pheras, silently listen to your ...


5 Types Of Heels That You Can Wear On Your Wedding (With Comfort Level Score!)

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 07 Nov 2016

While your wedding outfits are always in the limelight, don't forget to pay attention to your footwear too! For all your wedding functions, be it mehendi/cocktail/wedding or even reception, you'll be walking and running here and there for various ...



Still Thinking About Your Mandap Decor? Here Are 14 Gorgeous Ideas For You!

Neha Garg, 31 Oct 2016

Have you ever seen a Hindu wedding without a mandap? Unless of course you plan to elope with your partner and leave the rest of the world behind. When we are in charge of the wedding arrangements, we pay attention to almost every detail. Starting ...


13 Beautiful Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas That You Need To Save Right Now!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 28 Oct 2016

Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old wedding entrances with drapes and curtains? Because I am. Come on, it’s your wedding and a celebration as grand as that definitely needs to look every bit perfect!I know deciding the venue décor might just g...


Brides, We Have Found A New Gem For Your Bridal Shopping!

Sanchita Kalra, 21 Oct 2016

Out of all the pretty stores around the city, who would think of going to Green Park market in Delhi for bridal shopping? It's not one of those hubs where you would get a thing for your bridal affair...or maybe...except sweets (all hail Evergreen ...


From Ordinary to Stunning: Let your Wedding Lights do the Talking!

Neha Garg, 14 Jun 2016

Wedding planning in India chiefly revolves around food, decor and bridal attire. A lot of weddings fail to impress when it comes to lighting; not many know that the right lights can completely transform a wedding into a great dazzling event. As pe...

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7 Things That Make Punjabi Weddings 'A Quintessential Affair'!

Neha Garg, 02 Jun 2016

The Punjabi wedding is popular across the globe, all thanks to Bollywood. Full of gusto, color and great food, it has become nothing less than a grand spectacle everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. So, without any further due, h...


A Tale of Two Continents: The Real Wedding Story of Bubble and Avinash

Neha Garg, 11 Dec 2015

A management accountant and a medical engineer from 2 different continents falling in love might seem a bit fictitious to the outside world. While she sits and crunches numbers in datasheets, he tries to make crunch surgeries a breeze. And, wh...


These 21 Romantic Songs Are Perfect For Your First Couple Dance!

Veethi Telang, 18 Nov 2015

Can’t decide “your song” yet? The wedding date is almost here, preparations are in full bloom, outfits are sorted, but the song, the one song that’ll truly have your guests all eyes on you is missing. Fret not, we bring to you some of the most rom...


"One Wedding, One Life, One Us": The Story Of Our Bubbly Bride Gina with Tariq!

Neha Garg, 31 Aug 2015

How many times have you watched a movie, and thought to yourself, “Meh! Are they kidding? This doesn’t happen in real life!”. Today, let’s bust this myth. Truth is, there are some love stories in this world that are way, way better and more real t...