10 Amazing Reasons You Should Choose Intimate Weddings over Grand!

Medha Chawla, 04 Apr 2019

Can we ever thank Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma enough for introducing us with the trend of intimate weddings? Well, I guess not! Ever since these two got hitched in an intimate wedding in Tuscany with only 40 guests in attendance, more and more couples are ditching the quintessential big boisterous weddings and opting for intimate ones. And we couldn't be happier!

If you are wondering why to have an intimate wedding? Well, the vibe of an intimate wedding is such that it instantly tugs at everyone's heart. As a to-be-wed couple, you get to celebrate your big day with the people who matter to you the most. There are no unnecessary guests who are invited just for the sake of being invited. In an intimate wedding, the guest list is definitely small but it promises double the emotions, fun and memorable moments.  Your wedding becomes a closely-knit affair where everyone is drenched in the joy of you getting married; the wedding actually revolves around 'the couple'. And the best part? Instead of being bogged down with the stress that comes along with planning a big fat wedding, you and your family are actually able to rejoice, laugh and create cherishable memories in an intimate wedding.

There are so many reasons & benefits of having an intimate wedding that are sure to lure you, and we can't wait to share the same with you all. 

10 Reasons to Host an Intimate Wedding

1. You get to celebrate your big day with the most important people in your life

It is only the loved ones who matter. Surround yourself with the few closest people you actually love and who love you. Make your wedding a celebration in true essence that's bundled with positive vibes. Or else, be ready to be heavily photographed with endless acquaintances whom you don't even know. With only loved ones by your side, you get to celebrate the most significant day of your life like a party where everyone is equally happy for you. And and, you can always host a reception for everyone else to deal with any incoming family pressure.

2. You can be your real self

Having only a few loved ones at your wedding gives you the freedom to be your real selves. There is no formality to be taken care of, nobody judges anyone, and your wedding becomes a party that no one wants to leave.

3. The wedding actually revolves around you TWO

When hundreds of people are at a wedding, the only times the couple grabs everyone's attention is during the entry and the Jaimala ceremony. Even your immediate family gets busy greeting all the guests. Whereas in the case of an intimate wedding, the loved ones leave no stone unturned to make you (the couple) feel special. The couple is the cynosure of the event in the truest means. Otherwise, you are only left sitting aloof on the stage, awkwardly smiling on the stage and watching people hog on the food spread. 

4. It becomes easier to have your dream wedding

A lot of couples opt for intimate weddings so that they can pull off a lavish wedding. With a lesser number of guests, you can actually splurge on the things that matter to you the most. Whether it is a dreamy red designer lehenga or a celeb performance or even a luxuriant venue - it can be anything. 

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5. There is an endless scope of personalization

There is an immensely vast scope of customization and personalization when your wedding has a small guest list. Right from the decor, to the food menu, the photo props, wedding favors, hand-written letters - you can go to any extent to add personalized touches or make the wedding a true reflection of you two. It is only possible when the guests in attendance are less in number. 

6. Perfect for a destination wedding

It is way easier to host an intimate destination wedding considering the transportation and accommodation expenses. So if you have always wanted to have a destination wedding, it makes more sense to have an intimate one.

7. You can get creative with your wedding venue

A small guest list also gives you the freedom to be creative with your wedding venue. Right from a garden to a trek to a museum or a terrace, you can get married at a unique venue that holds value to you as a couple.

8. Intimate weddings are not stress-inducing

Intimate weddings are way less hectic and way more fun. When only loved ones are in attendance instead of countless acquaintances, your wedding is more likely to feel like a celebration than a formal & stressful production. Everyone can actually delve into the sheer fun mode, instead of taking care of the arrangements for colossal guests.

9. More scope of your loved ones gelling up with each other

Every couple getting united in the bond of matrimony secretly desires for their loved ones to gel up with each other. Trust us when we say that this is another amazing benefit that comes along when you have an intimate wedding. The close-knit environs allow the two families to spend more quality time and get to know each other well. In the case of traditional big scale wedding, everyone is engaged in greeting the guests and ensuring that they had food. 

10. You can have a luxe honeymoon

And oh, the budget is just another advantage. Small weddings = small budget, and you can save that cash for a luxe honeymoon, maybe? :P 


Convinced much? *Meanwhile, I am dreaming about my intimate destination wedding in Mussorie already*