Real Wedding: The Flagrant Romance and Impeccable Style of Varnika & Clarence Wedding

Neha Garg, 14 Apr 2015

You’re going to love this week’s real wedding, celebrated in three different ways, first, a Court wedding, second, a Church wedding, and third, a Punjabi wedding because the bride & groom belonged to two different religions. Varnika is a hard-core Punjabi kudi, and Clarence's family beliefs are totally different, but love brought and bonded them together for a lifetime. We particularly fell in love with the bride's smile and the love that two of them share. Let’s unfold this beautiful love saga of two wonderful souls who found love in the most unexpected way.


Bride & Groom: Varnica and Clarence (Corporate Lawyers)

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Wedding Date: 21st February

We Met: She recalls, Clarence and I met while we were working together. I was working for the Delhi office and he was working in the Bombay office. He flew to Delhi for the first time for a transaction, and a few months down, he moved to Delhi for me :) After a whirlwind of romance, three years later we finally decided to get married..

The Proposal: He asked me to marry him over the phone, when we were just 10 minutes away from each other, says the smiling Varnika.

The Wedding Ceremony: Once we decided to get married, the chaos began. Not only we had a court marriage, but also a Christian wedding as well as a big fat Punjabi wedding.

Court Marriage - 16th January 2015

The Christian wedding - 15th February, ITC Sheraton Parel, Bombay

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Cocktail - 19th February, Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi



Varnika-and-Clarence Mom

Mehandi – 20th February, Jahapanah Club


Varnika-and-Clarence-1-129   Varnika-and-Clarence-1-126


Varnika-and-Clarence- Edited


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wedding chapter

Punjabi Wedding- 21st February,  Zorba, MG Road

The Wedding Dress – Varnika wore the dresses designed by her Mom. The blue saree at her cocktail, the lehenga, for the Mehandi function and for the wedding day, all were designed by her brilliant & talented Mother.

Varnika-and-Clarence-1-236   Varnika-and-Clarence-1-257

Wedding Shoes – Metro, South Ex

Varnika-and-Clarence-1-390   Varnika-and-Clarence-1-142

Paramveer on Varnika: Varnika has been one of the fun brides we've had the pleasure to work for. The best part is that she has that grace in her which will turn a normal conversation to something really casual and funny. We'd like to thank her for giving us the opportunity and being supportive in the whole process, she kept a very transparent communication in terms of expectations and requirements. We wish the couple a very best for their future.


pooja sonik

Pooja Sonik on Varnika: Varnika is a very sweet and cooperative bride. Unlike other brides, she wanted her makeup to be very subtle and natural. She trusted me, and left everything to me. At the end, she was very happy and satisfied with her look.

Varnika-and-Clarence-1-387   Varnika-and-Clarence-1-388

She got her jewelry from different places, the Jhumkas she wore at the Cocktail function were designed by her very close friend, Divya.

A few words from Varnika on her loving & darling husband ‘Clarence’: My husband is my best friend. It's an awesome feeling to be with someone you love, adore, can have long conversations with and never get bored. We share the same likes and dislikes, and we think a lot like each other. There's no one else who could have convinced me to get married other than Clarence. I love him to the core, now & forever.

2014-10-27 21.35.57

We want to thank everybody for being a part of our very special day and making it a success. It was a combined effort from both our respective families and also a few friends, Divya Nambiar, Aditya Munjal and Ipshita Sharma, they made our wedding day super fun & memorable. Love you all- Varnika & Clarence!

Look at this beautiful picture that Varnika shared with us from her Church wedding that took place in Bombay



See Varnika and Clarence Wedding Invite Teaser


Shaadisaga wishes this wonderful couple a fantastic life ahead full of love and smiles!

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Photographer: Our Wedding Chapter

Makeup Artist: Pooja Sonik

Venue: Zorba, MG Road, Gurgaon