Real Wedding: Shereen & Gurpreet, saga of heaven made on earth, Beautiful Punjabi wedding in Delhi

Nanditha Sankar, 14 Jan 2015

The Initial Days

Shereen and Gurpreet walked along the corridors of the same college without knowing each other. In those four years, little did they realize that their lives would be intertwined. A few years later, providence intervened in the role of mothers. For after all, they do know the best that’s in store for us. Since their mothers were very good friends, it was decided that the two should meet. It was a casual meeting, and the two immediately struck a chord. The road to friendship had begun. They began to meet more often. Soon,the two also felt that they should take it forward and thus, a very small family get together was held at a Gurudwara for the Roka ceremony in August 2013.

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Roka Ceremony

Engaged for Life

The courtship period had began. It is always said that this is the most beautiful phase before marriage. Sure enough, it was for these two as well. More than all the mushy moments , it was Gurpreet’s sense of humor that bowled over our lovely lady, Shereen. He made her laugh, for he loved seeing it himself. They spent countless hours in fun and frolic in the lanes and walks of the capital city. This was when they discovered that their common interests lay along the same lines – watching movies and traveling being right on top of the list.

Whenever we meet we make fun moments and Gurpreet has a great sense of humor”-   says Shereen

Preparations in Full Swing

After a beautiful courtship period, the time had come for the most important phase of their lives. The entire family was up for it. All the glitterati was purchased from Harnam Singh Jewellers aka all the gold embellishments and the ring. Shereen’s beautiful bridal wear was designed by Bani Batra, an expert at her field. Make-up artists were hired to make sure everyone looked their dazzling best on the festive occasion.

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Wedding Photographer: Sumit Productions (on all the events)

"Sumit is extremely creative and has captured all our special moments with ease. He shoots the right moment at the right time without interrupting us, most of the pictures are candid & done brilliantly!!" - Shereen on Sumit Productions

Shereen’s Mehendi spells out as Gurpreet

The grand Punjabi wedding had kicked off. The mehendi ceremony was held  on November 28 at the bride’s home. The couple began to have nervous but sweet jitters in anticipation of the D-Day. Their friends had all started poring in. The mehendi did have its cooling effect though. Trivia says that applying henna on the bride’s hands is done to reduce the nervousness that preceeds the marriage. It sure did help . The sangeet ceremony was held alongside the mehendi and called for double celebrations.

Shereen's Beautiful Mehendi

In every Punjabi wedding, there are many rituals . And the Shereen-Gurpreet wedding was second to none. After the mehendi, there was a ritualistic sagan at the Gurudwara. In the backdrop of the holy havan, the ceremonial Tilak , the floral scent of all the flowers that came showering in from the guests and lots of gifts, the sagan  was a beautiful occasion. Only one more day was left for the event most awaited.

Band Bajaa Baarat

The Rakab Ganj Gurudwara glimmered beautifully in the light of the day. Since it was the onset of winters, a mild breeze was in the air. Make-up artist Plum Salon was busy carving the bridal look out of Shereen. The spirits had soared. Amidst all the wedding hullabaloo, two souls grew from being mere acquaintances and family friends to husband and wife. They tied the knots and came together for a lifetime of happiness and laughter.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day: Most heartfelt moment

Beautiful Bride, Shereen

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No wedding can be complete without the grand reception. So was the case for our love-struck duo. A day after the wedding, the reception was held at Hotel City Park. A sumptuous feast, great music and thumping spirits ruled the spot. Make-up was taken care of by Priyam Sapra.

Shereen loved her make-up and says - "Priyam is an amazing person & brilliant make-up artist, she listened how exactly I wanted my make-up and result was the best look which went with my personality."


Shereen's classic look on Reception

After the reception, the couple who love traveling took off the land. Their first destination together were the white sands of Goa. From the sunny beaches, they headed out to the classic destination of Europe. For what’s fun without a mix of both the worlds?


Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost

As we read this now, Shereen and Gurpreet are living happily. They are best friends who make sure there comes a smile on the other’s face every single time. They’re getting ready to pack their bags and quench their wanderlust. Here’s to happy times, happy journeys and a happy life!

And this sums it up all,

“Life after marriage is great, we are best friends first” - Gurpreet