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Neha Garg, 26 Mar 2015

“I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all you are yet to be”

I am sure, most of us have read the snow white story, and just like that fairy tale story, every girl wants someone special who is meant for her. A Prince who would make every morning worth getting up, and falling in love every time you look at him. Just like every fairy tale, this story of  the happy-happy couple tells it all. 
Let’s start with the proposal every girl dreams and desires for!


I can’t forget the proposal, Kunwar booked the entire restaurant ‘Chyna Gold in Hilton’ and staff presented roses every 5 minutes. I was constantly smiling and then, after a moment, I saw Kunwar on his knees and right instant he asked "Will You Be My Life, Marry Me?". Without saying any other word, I said YES YES YES! It was very, very cute and every girls dream, that I have got the chance to live”, says the beautiful and bubbly Kanika. 

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It was School that brought Kanika Dutt (Master’s in Sociology) and Kunwar Handa (a B. Tech Graduate), together. That time they had no idea, what destiny had written for them.

IMG_9958  IMG_9962

IMG_9977  IMG_9767

Sagan, Ring ceremony, Chunni: Lavanya Orchids 19th Feb

From Rahul Dutta (Fashion Photographer) on her sister Kanika (Bride) – I was keenly and ardently involved in the wedding planning and arrangements. I tried to do the best for Kanika on her wedding, Ratul Boro and Nitish Arora are my personal favorite. She is very lively, full of life. I have known her since a little kid and now seeing her getting married, is one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

I wish my little sister, a very happy and joyful life ahead!

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Can you guess, Who is Kanika and Who is Kritika?

The most memorable moment, which will make you go “Awwwweee”

In Kanika’s words, “We were at ‘Leaky Cauldron’ in Hauz Khaz Village for our first date. We have spent an amazing time, and after a while left the place. Within 20 days, we went there again, and I was surprised to know that Kunwar has bought the same restaurant to mark the big day of our lives”


Such a happy-happy couple, deeply in love and excited to begin their new journey as husband and wife! 

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Read Kanika's Fun-Filled Mehandi Celebration In An Auto Rickshaw

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From Nitish on Kanika (Bride): She is the sweetest and most fun-loving bride that I have ever met. Her family is fabulous. Both the twin-sisters, Kanika and Kritika are amazing, there were times when I was confused, who is Kanika and who is Kritika (Laughs). Kanika is a very photogenic bride and I could easily click her from every angle.

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From Ratul Boro on our Bride, Kanika – “It was a very heartwarming experience working with Kanika. She has the most perfect and vibrant smile, which every Makeup Artist loves.”

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[caption id="attachment_2847" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Kritika with Kunwar :)[/caption]

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After all the shopping, the last minute panic attacks, the search for the perfect dress and planning & organizing the wedding events; it all boils down to this one moment: the first moment when you see each other on your wedding day. Look at this beautiful moment, witnessing Kanika and Kunwar’s love.


Loving words from Kunwar to love of his life, Kanika

Well, to write about your better half  will always make you short of  words. I told her after a week’s meeting that I am gonna marry you, she nodded and gave me a smile. Year’s later I finally proposed. She is the most wonderful person I have ever met, she makes me fall in love with her every single day. Her aura brings peace and joy in everyones heart, she has a childlike heart, that can make you smile even in the worst of times. Here is something I wrote for her a few years back:

“People got scared when I got on top,

People got amazed at what I thought,

Love was something which I always fought for,

Natural was love when our eyes got caught,

Together is the word, without a thought,

Love me like a drop in draught,

And I will keep you like my princess, to make it short”

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Screenshot_2015-03-20-11-47-36  Screenshot_2015-03-20-11-47-16

We wish Kanika-Kunwar a fun-filled and happy married life!

All thanks to Kanika’s gang (Kartik GoswamiKritika DuttGaurav KheraArjun KapoorNamrata BangarSwati WadhwaTanubha SareenNagma MehraGaurav Garera and Gaurav Thukral) for making this day memorable!!


Wedding Venue & Sangeet: Grand Plaza Affaires 

Engagement Venue: Lavanya Orchids 

Bridal Wear: Kamal Bhai, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Photographed By: Nitish Arora

Makeup Artist: Ratul Boro

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