We eat, sleep, dream and live WEDDINGS and there's no further saying about it! We love this beautiful and heart-warming amalgamation of age-old traditions and ever-evolving wedding trends. There's nothing one cannot love about weddings just simply because they're fun, a rollercoaster of emotions and have sacks full of inspiration to steal from!

Furthermore, the one thing that holds a very special place in everyone's hearts are the wedding photographs. They are a true depiction of the sentiments a bride, a groom, and their families oust while experiencing the most important and precious incidents in one's life. And all of this is only made possible with a good photographer at your disposal. So, we spoke to 10 amazing wedding photographers and handpicked one real wedding from their archives to give you a taste of some amazing weddings under one roof. These real weddings will not only put you in awe but also make sure that each photo narrates a story of its own.

Moreover, these photographers share their experiences with the couples which truly justifies the fact that photographers are not just another vendors, but make themselves a part of the families when they shoulder the responsibility of capturing their big day.

10 Amazing Weddings by 10 Amazing Photographers

1. Riya & Vidhur's Wedding Captured by 'Vintage Films'

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From the photographer: The typically arranged meeting of this adorable couple gave us major love goals. Both of them coming from pure Punjabi cultures are foodies and travel junkies. Vidhur is too passionate about his business but he still keeps surprising Riya all the time with beautiful tokens of love. Though their first meeting was arranged by their families they clicked so well that it was or perfect love marriage chemistry for them. Our team had a great time working with them as both of them are very grounded and warm. We wish them lots of love and luck for their beautiful future.

Photography Prices of Vintage Films (per 2 Days):

Traditional photography - INR 50,000 | Candid photography - INR 1,00,000 | Cinematic video -  INR 1,50,000

Total (approx) budget for 2 days function: INR 3,00,000

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2. Saloni & Kartik's Wedding captured by 'Think Tank Studio'

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From the photographers: It was really exciting for us to capture the wedding of a North Indian bride and a South Indian Groom. It was a love marriage for our Singapore-based NRI couple. The energy at the time of their events was splendid, both of them were really cooperative in terms of their photoshoots. They gave us proper time & understood what actually we want. It was a pleasure capturing their union of love.

Photography Prices of Think Tank Studio (per day):

Candid Photography - INR 50,000 | Traditional Photography - INR 30,000 | Cinematic Videography - INR 60,000 | Traditional Videography - INR 30,000 | Photo Album (40 pages) - INR 15,000 | Pre-Wedding Shoot - INR 60,000

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3. Chhavi & Prateek's Wedding captured by 'Fridaypic'

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From the photographer: It was a wedding in Delhi wherein the bride was based out in Gurgaon and groom was based out in Delhi. There were various functions planned up over a span of 3 days with haldi, mehendi, cocktail on the sides and finally the wedding. These functions were organized at different venues with the Cocktail ceremony at Jhankar beats and the wedding took place at Wedding Bells! We're greatly honored to have captured their big day.

Photography Prices of Fridaypic (per day):

Candid Photography - INR 1,00,000 | Traditional Photography - INR 20,000 | Cinematic Videography - INR 60,000 | Traditional Videography - INR 25,000 | Photo Album (40 pages) - INR 10,000 | Pre-Wedding Shoot - INR 25,000

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4. Tanvi & Ishan's Wedding captured by 'Slice Of Life Pictures'

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From the photographer: Ishan and Tanvi had a destination wedding in Jodhpur. The wedding was in a beautiful heritage property, Taj Hari Mahal. The couple lives in Singapore, they are very chilled out and working with them was very exciting.

Photography Prices of Slice Of Life Pictures (per day):

Candid, Traditional & Cinematography - INR 3,00,000

*This does not include any albums or pre-wedding shoot.

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5. Gunjan & Saurabh's Wedding captured by 'Avnish Dhoundiyal'

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From the photographer: Gunjan & Saurabh met in Australia and hence began a beautiful love story. The bride is a makeup artist and the groom is a DJ. The wedding was a very close-knit function with not many people on the guest list, just close friends and family. The wedding took place in Manesar at The Heritage Manesar Resort. Most of the people were from Sydney and the bride and groom were very comfortable with the photographer. They did not have stipulations regarding the time being taken to cover the wedding or whatever the photographer told them to do in order to get good pictures.

Avnish had an amazing experience being their photographer and was very happy with the work he had achieved. One thing that stood out was the fact that after the usual haldi ceremony they went a step ahead and played with colors (Mini-Holi). They finally had a small and cozy reception Reception ceremony.

Photography Prices of Avnish Dhoundiyal (per day):

Candid Photography - INR 60,000 | Cinematic Videography - INR 60,000 | Traditional Photography - INR 25,000 | Traditional Videography - INR 25,000 | Pre-Wedding shoot - INR 25,000 | Standard Album pricing - INR 15,000

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6. Priyanka & Milind's Wedding captured by 'Meraki by Vinay Venugopal'

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From the photographer: Priyanka and Milind make for a wonderful pair. It has been a delightful experience interacting and working on this project from our very first meet. An intimate wedding with just the right ingredients of fun, laughter, and emotions along with a bunch of family, friends, and cousins jostling the couple is what makes capturing weddings a rewarding experience.

Photography Prices of Meraki by Vinay Venugopal (per 2 Days):

Traditional Photography & Video (1 session) - INR 20,000 | Candid Photography - INR 90,000 | Cinematic Videos - INR 90,000

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7. Izabella & Sagar's Wedding captured by 'Theweddingpictures by Himanshu Jaura'

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From the photographer: This max culture wedding totally stole our heart!! Sagar and Izabella belong from different countries, different cultures, different languages but still, they took the decision to get married because there was only one thing which was common and that was the real love for each other.

Photography Prices of Theweddingpictures by Himanshu Jaura (per day):

Candid Photography - INR 30,000 | Traditional Photography - INR 10,000 | Cinematic Videography - INR 35,000 | Traditional Videography - INR 15,000 | Photo Album (40 pages) - INR 10,000 | Pre-Wedding Shoot - INR 20,000

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8. Garima & Rohan's Wedding captured by 'FotoMagica Photography'

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From the photographer: A Fairytale story for the U.S based couple where a Technokraft meets a Baker. Though it was an arranged marriage, they fell in love with each other during their courtship period.

The wedding Venue was in proximity to the city of big lakes, Bhopal. Both the bride and groom side was quite enthusiastic about the whole ceremony and rituals. The wedding decor was done very colorfully and vibrantly and also the bride and groom ensembles were perfectly done.

It provided Fotomagica Photography the opportunity to capture beautiful moments and enhance our creativity which was liked and well appreciated by both the bride and groom sides and across everywhere.

Photography Prices of FotoMagica (per 2 days):

Candid Photography - INR 80,000 | Cinematography - INR 80,000 | Traditional Photography - INR 20,000 | Traditional Video - INR 20,000

Total pricing for 2 days costs - INR 2,00,000 approx.

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9. Snigdha & Ankur's Wedding captured by 'Alma Wedding Photography'

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From the photographer: We were invited to shoot this wonderful wedding of Ankur and Snigdha in Delhi. The bride, Snigdha, was one of the most down-to-earth and simple people we have ever photographed. Her father had a clear vision of a royal and classy wedding. The events and celebrations were well planned with clarity.  Ankur, the groom with his grace and style floored everyone all through. Both the families were extremely joyous and forthcoming. The wedding was shot over 3 days in winters can be described best as "celebration of love and family" Both families are the quintessential Punjabi clan. From the decor to the music, from the minutest detail to the big wedding stage, it was all beautiful, for us it'll always be the fact that in the wedding we were made to feel like family. Its been a wonderful experience and we cherished shooting for both the families.

Photography Prices of Alma Wedding Photography (per 2 days):

Candid, Traditional & Cinematography film - INR 2,00,000

*This does not include any albums or pre-wedding shoot

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10. Pooja & Dilip's Wedding captured by 'Banjara Studios'

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From the photographer: First of all, we love destination weddings, and it was a Jaipur wedding for the Dubai-based couple, Pooja & Dilip. While Pooja belongs to a Sindhi family, Dilip is a Malayali, hence, it was a fun amalgamation of Sindhi & Malayalam rituals. Also, they are both dentists by profession. They had a grand destination wedding at Le Méridien, Jaipur. Pooja & Dilip were so supportive during the wedding, they gave us full time for portraits and interviews, in fact, they skipped their first dinner just because they were giving an interview for the wedding film. Even though the dinner was removed by the time we were done, we all somehow managed with salads. Their wedding was like a carnival—Amazing food, super energetic people, amazing colors, music and of course the amazing couple.

Photography Prices of Banjara Studios

Candid Photography (2 days), Traditional Photography (1 day), Candid Cinematography (2 days), Drone Photography (1 day) and one Wedding Album

Cost of Project - INR 3,00,000

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Which wedding did you love the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

10 Real Weddings Captured by 10 Amazing Photographers will WOW you!

by Bhavika Vallecha

10 Real Weddings Captured by 10 Amazing Photographers will WOW you!