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Real Honeymoon: This Man made a Honeymoon movie featuring his Wife & we're quite Envious!

Bhavika Vallecha, 28 Feb 2018

There ain't no girl in the universe who doesn't appreciate her man going all gaga over her and maybe that's the new definition of love for our generation. When we say 'gaga' we know that the man can reach any extent to make her lady love feel like the most special woman in his life. 

Saksham, a singer, a songwriter and a keen photographer rejoiced the beauty of her wife, Manya whilst on their honeymoon and filmed her solely against picturesque landscaped of Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Greece. 

Envious already? There's more to this. 

He compiled the many clips into a four-minute video and streamed a romantic song along with it. The romantic song that plays with the video is not just any other mushy track from the album of a famous artist but, a masterpiece by Saksham himself, he wrote this song for his wife and the results are sure to put you in awe.

We're halting here for you to witness this incredibly sweet act of love with your own organ of sight. Ciao!

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