They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when we look at real brides, it is clear why this statement is so true. No matter what size, colour or look of the diamond, this gemstone is absolutely breathtaking. There is no doubt that as soon as a girl dons these jewels, her look gets amped up. This is why we have had our eyes on real brides who decided to ditch temple, polki, and pearl earrings and instead opt for surreal diamond earrings on the most special days of their lives. So, if you too have been juggling between various gemstones for your wedding days then check out these real brides who are proving that there’s no better option than diamonds! 

Real Brides Who Wore Gorgeous Diamond Earrings

1. Diamond Drop Earrings That Are Breathtaking 

The most classic option for any bride is to opt for drop earrings especially when we talk about diamonds. For starters, you get a plethora of design options, you can add any coloured gemstone with it and can even go with whatever size is suitable with your bridal outfit. We have picked out some beautiful diamond drop earrings that some real brides wore and boy, get ready to get dazzled by all the bling! 

2. Diamond Studs For Elegance 

Some brides are known for their grand looks while some are talked about for the elegance they show on their wedding days. If you’re looking to portray the later look when it is your special day then we recommend going with diamond studs. Now, these studs don’t have to necessarily be small in size; studs come in multiple sizes and also happen to be super comfortable to carry!

3. Sleek Diamond Earrings That We Are Crushing On

“More is more” very rarely works with diamonds and that is the beauty of this gemstone. Diamonds have so much shine and allure that even if you go with a sleeker option when it comes to earrings, you will manage to stand out. Imagine, pairing sleek diamond earrings with a grand outfit. Isn’t that the perfect balance that your bridal look needs? 

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4. Surreal Statement Diamond Earrings We Cannot Get Over

Ah, finally we come to statement diamond earrings which every bride-to-be is tempted to don on her wedding functions. For one, these earrings are so grand that brides actually consider picking their outfits depending on their jewellery and not the other way round. So, if you’ve been crushing hard on statement diamond earrings (just like we are right now), check out these dreamlike diamond earrings that some gorgeous real brides donned on their wedding functions! 

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Real Brides Who Wore Dazzling Diamond Earrings for Their Wedding Ceremonies

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Real Brides Who Wore Dazzling Diamond Earrings for Their Wedding Ceremonies