Real Brides Reveal: Problems They Faced In First Year Of Marriage

Sanchita Sehgal, 31 Jan 2018

Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and you now have to do all the things together. Like all, we have hell lots of expectations from the first year of marriage but as you move towards the first year of marriage.There are certain things you will realize are tough to accept and are quite challenging too. With those amazing candlelight dinners and movie dates, we always are unaware of problems coming in the first year of marriage. While chit chatting with a few brides we revealed some of the common problems they faced in the first year of their "happily ever after..."

1. Getting up with the new routine is a task

Stuti says, "Suddenly you realise you have no time for your friends and outside world. As, you have tons of first dinners and then adjusting in the house, getting used to the new routine. It gets quite irritating with all that plus trying to maintain a career. To be precise, it’s an alluding act and you are clearly not used to all of the dramas and acting like a typical bahu."

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2. Your sleep duration lessens & it's annoying

Kashika says, "Yes, as grown-ups we think it would be very easy to get married and handle life post that but the scenario is altogether different. I will admit that I miss my sleep the most, I know its quite weird but before marriage, I was used to keep up with my sleep no matter what. After marriage, I have to wake up at 8 in the morning, no matter what. It took me 8-9 months to change my routine."

3. Change of people = Change of food habits

Neha says, "One of the biggest problems is getting used to the food habits and timings in the new home. Why do they always have to eat veg and yeah why so less spice. I know everyone at my home used to take it as a silly point that I am focusing on but trust me it is very hard to adjust. Sometimes I ordered food late night because the dinner was over at 8.30 only and I used to feel super hungry.It almost took me a year to cope up with this."

4. You are never left alone

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Kim says, "One issue I faced was not finding time for myself. I used to live in a nuclear family where everyone had time for themselves and then I shifted to a joint family which was completely different though. Everyone is just around you at any point in time. Sometimes, I used to crib that I don't have time to spend alone with my husband. It was actually a challenge for me to accept that I will have less breathing space now."

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5. Adjusting with your husband's habits

Karishma says, "There is no doubt on that you love your better half but living with a boy can be quite tough sometimes. Sometimes, the hygiene part used to haunt me and sometimes what and how to keep it in a room as per his taste. I had an arranged marriage, It took me a lot of time to actually keep up with him and his likes and dislikes."

What problems have you faced in the first of your marriage? Let us know in the comments below!