Real Brides Reveal: Their Love-Hate Relationship With Chooda

Medha Chawla, 23 Oct 2019

There's not a single doubt that the chooda is one of the most beloved bridal accessories! In fact, if you are a Punjabi girl, chances are high that you grew up dreaming about wearing that red chooda one day. The traditional red and white bangles have an unmatched charm that is worth raving over and over again. Which is why we even have our blog section brimmed with some important chooda blogs like - the latest chooda designs, the bridal chooda stores and the best ways to flaunt bridal chooda in your wedding album. We have always been head over heels in love with these traditional red bangle sets that scream 'newly-wed bride' from afar. A woman wearing a traditional chooda always stands out in the crowd and it is so hard to ignore and not adore her.

But as pretty as they look, they are equally a hassle to wear. Imagine sleeping with a full stack of bangles in both your arms or trying to take off a full-sleeved outfit! Arghhhhh, the struggle sounds so real. Hence, brides usually have a 'love-hate' relationship with the chooda. And to let you guys know how it actually feels to wear a chooda all the time, we got in touch with a few ladies who shared their interesting 'chooda experiences' with us.

Real brides talk about their relationship with Chooda

Gursheen shares it is too much to handle during summers

I love my chooda as much as I dislike it. I love the bright red colour and how it looks on my wrists. When I go anywhere everybody turns around. It is a great piece of tradition, but too much to handle during the summer as it sweats too much. Also, while wearing long-sleeved clothing it gets stuck every time. I’m glad I went with the smallest version possible.

Pratishtha reveals some perks of wearing a chooda ;)

I was always very sceptical of how girls wear the chooda day in and day out without taking it off at all. But once I had my chooda on, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and beautiful it was (only a little uncomfortable while I would sleep). My husband absolutely loved seeing me wearing the red chooda and was in absolute awe of it (small one though as I did not want a very chunky look). Apart from "looking married" it got us some great deals wherever we went during our honeymoon as people abroad absolutely loved seeing an Indian Bride. It's a different feel altogether and only a newly-wed bride who has worn it understands this beautiful experience.

Mahak's love for chooda knows no bound! *She also shares some hacks to beat the Chooda blues*

Just like every Punjabi girl, I always dreamt of embracing the traditional red chooda. But my dream was almost shattered when I got to know that my in-laws do not have this tradition (as they are Baniya). I was told every month to remove the chooda because my in-laws wanted me to wear matching bangles which they had got for me but I was adamant that I wanted to wear it for the whole year, and even more if possible. I was legit crazy for chooda and with my husband's support, I wore it for an entire year. It showed to everyone that I am a Punjabi which I have been always proud of and always loved to flaunt. The only trouble I faced with chooda was that it itched during summers which I used to deal by applying powder & blow drying my wrist after taking a shower. Even my husband used to often get hurt with the bangles, but he had no other option than to somehow manage for a year.

Finally, on the day when chooda had to be taken off (it is called chooda badhaana ceremony), I had tears in the eyes because I was removing an important ornament which I had been wearing since a year. 

Meenal reveals it is more difficult for the husband to deal with the chooda :P

I still remember the first time I saw my chooda clad arms. It felt surreal, special and so many things altogether! It represented a new, happy phase in my life. I couldn't stop looking at it. But just a week into I found myself asking the same question each night - Which side do I sleep on? Do I just remove it for the night? Would anyone know? Getting used to sleeping with it was hard, but it was surely harder for my husband, you see. ;) In my love-hate relationship with the chooda, I was still more in love with it!

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Tanvi has a list of Chooda Complaints but she loves it anyhow!

The most exciting tradition for a Punjabi bride is the chooda ceremony, no Punjabi bride can ever feel complete without it. But it was only after the wedding I realised that wearing chooda 24*7 feels so difficult. On my honeymoon, I wore hot western wear with these traditional bangles which turned out to be a total mismatch. In the first few days of my marriage, it was quite difficult to get used to it as it felt uncomfortable while sleeping, bathing and while wearing full sleeve attire. BUT...BUT...BUT my chooda has given me a complete makeover, a different look and wearing this also gives me a lot of attention as all eyes follow me wherever I go. People compliment me and it feels great. Chooda is a sign of a newlywed bride, whom people love to observe. Overall, it is happiness clubbed with the pain and joy of a new life. Every time I see it, I feel happy.

Harleen quips, it is so irritating to get in & out of the well-fitted shirts *The struggle sounds real*

With a set of Choora on your arms, you simply get all the attention and you feel, oh yes I am married! All eyes are one you. But it’s such a mismatch with your western wear. Also, the voice is so irritating while driving, working in the office and not to forget, getting in and out of those well-fitted shirts. But above all, it makes you so happy and not to forget the beautiful moments during your wedding wearing Chooda and also your first look post-marriage wearing those bangles makes you feel so special.

Ishta shares her it is really difficult to carry chooda

To be honest, as pretty as they look, they are equally difficult to carry. Hats off to the ladies who wear them for a year altogether. I had removed them the very next day as I was busy running around planning my wedding. But again, I am a person who loves festivities and drama of weddings, so I keep wearing a few bangles from my chooda now and then when I dress traditionally. So, I feel like a bride all over again.

Ishleen, the bride who agreed to get married early cuz she would get to wear chooda

Chooda! Growing up in a Sikh household, I have always been in awe of these ever so gorgeous set of red and white bangles. Honestly, the main reason I agreed to marry so young was that I'll get to wear a chooda. Haha. That's lame, but it's just who I am. I always thought I'll wear my chooda for at least a year if not longer but as much as I love wearing it, I can't deny the love-hate relationship. It looks gorgeous, yes, but it gets so irksome at times. Especially when you are shaving your arms and you can't get to the hidden parts beneath the chooda! It's so frustrating! But for me, the biggest issue was that being a fashion Influencer, I shoot with a lot of brands and being in a western country, people don't understand the significance and have asked me to remove the "pretty bracelets" during the shoots as it doesn't go with the whole aesthetic of the fashion look I have created. So yeah, I have a definite love-hate relationship but I still think the love takes over the hate any day.


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