Oversized Jewellery Pieces that Gave us Legit Maharani Bride Feels

Divya Arora, 10 Apr 2019

In this era of millenial brides moving towards minimalism and subtle jewllery, we believe that the charm of decking up and going all OTT is still unmatched and hasn't dwindled down entirely. Amidst all those brides choosing to go lighter on their bridal jewellery and even missing out on a few pieces, there are brides who're ever so blatantly and ever so gorgeously opting for over sized and chunky pieces.

Yes! Making a resplendent statement and setting some major standards, a lot many brides these days are elevating their bridal looks by including huge pieces in their bridal jewellery. From opting for a few oversized pieces to ornamenting in entirely huge jewellery sets, brides are going all extra making for a stellar bride. If you don't believe us, then check out these beautiful brides with huge jewellery pieces that we spotted and couldn't take our eyes off from. As much of a sucker we are for minimal jewllery, these brides in oversized and big jewellery pieces have left us equally smitten and flabbergasted. And we're spoilt for choices!

Go have a look!

Over-sized Jewellery Pieces we Spotted on Real Brides

Extravagant Matha Pattis

Crowning a bride's head beautifully and gracefully, a matha patti is a head gear that accentuates a bride's look by multifolds and has undergone tremendous experimentation. Right from the hugely broad ones and layered ones to multi-stringed and dainty ones, the matha patti styles and designs are endless.


The Glorious Naths

Having a distinct charm of their own, unique and stylish bridal naths are no less than a raging trend. Right from small edgy ones to oversized nath designs, brides have been donning them unparallely.

Source Shahid Naar

Enormous Neckpieces

For being a major part of your bridal jewellery, neckpieces enhance your bridal look like no other. Basically, after your bridal outfit, it is your neckpiece that speaks volumes and what you choose to wear makes or breaks your look. Right from styling rani haars differently to opting for unique kinds and styles brides of today are exploring all options. These brides donned heavy neckpieces on their d-day making one helluva fashion statement.

Source Shahid Naar

Magnificent Maang Tikkas

Decking up your forehead remarkably, an over-sized maang tikka undoubtedly takes your bridal look a notch higher. With latest styles and designs available, maang tikkas are one fiery bauble that needs to go all bold!

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The Edgy Haath Phools

Adorning your hands ever so exquisitely, haathphools in bespoke designs and huge sizes are sure to add loads of charm to your look.


Opulent Jewellery Sets

For brides who love decking up to bits, going all extra with your entire bridal jewellery is the perfcet way. For instance, check out these beautiful brides wearing huge jewellery pieces and looking like a royal queen.


Statement Earrings

Right from passa earrings and waterfall earrings to gorgeous chand baalis and jhumkas, massive earrings are a sure shot way to do the decked up look alluringly!

Source Prune India

Regal Passas

Peraining to the Mughal Era and now a modish fad amongst brides, choosing an over-sized passa for your bridal look is a great way to take your bridal look a notch higher.


Splendid Foot Jewellery

Why go dainty with your spectacular foot jewellery when you can rock those chunky payals equally elegantly?!

Source Deep Joshi

We're blown away with these chunky baubles! Are you?