Rapid Fire Round With Mrs. Hazel Yuvraj Singh

ShaadiSaga, 01 Dec 2016

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase Rapid Fire Round? Our mind goes back to those juicy episodes of Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan. After all, that’s the entire funda. This is where you get to see celebrities spilling out secrets, something that almost every one of us eagerly waits to hear. Well, a similar situation happened when we interviewed the newest bride, Hazel Keech.

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So what’s Hazel’s idea of a perfect date. “Someone who doesn't research but makes an effort. So even when it's a surprise plan, say dinner under the stars in Chandigarh – that would be really cool,” disclosed a giggling Hazel who is full of praise when it comes to her better half. “I love his patience. He's always so calm, patient and understanding. When we are losing our heads, he'll just be there and calm us all down. Yuvi has this great ability to put everything into prospective,” added Hazel. No wonder, he had planned her solo trip to Pondicherry just a week before the wedding. 

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When we asked Hazel about three things for an amazing relationship, he told us, 'communication, respect, and patience which is something I am learning from Yuvi". Well, there are also things that Hazel doesn’t like about Yuvraj. “I am told by mother that men don't communicate as women do; they don't talk much. I am getting him to communicate. The other day, he ordered food for home delivery for a bunch people and he didn't tell me. Obviously there was a cash situation. I asked him why he didn’t tell me. We had to search money in the house and even borrowed money from the watchman,” said Hazel in an exclusive conversation with ShaadiSaga.

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