Rapid Fire Round With Bhuvneshwar Kumar's Wife Nupur Nagar

ShaadiSaga, 23 Nov 2017

In any kind of a scenario, a Rapid Fire Round is the best play to break the ice and get candid in no time. Since Nupur (wife of Bhuvneshwar Kumar) is not somebody from the industry and an all-new personality to us, playing a short game of rapid-fire helped us unravel quite some interesting facts about her & Bhuvi, and their fun-filled relationship. 

Scroll down to know what she reveals!

#1 What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Somewhere on a hill station during sunset with light music and no one around!

#2 Dream Honeymoon Destination


#3 Three most important factors for a successful relationship?

1) Be truthful 2) hold onto each other in the most difficult situations 3) After every bad day, there will be a glad day :) 

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#4 One quality you like and dislike about Bhuvi?

He does not react and conclude very quickly is something I really like about him.

Dislike: He is unadventurous!

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#5 Tell us about the most special thing that you have done for him?

I gave worshipping idols of Hindu gods to Bhuvi for keeping them always with him. During his matches, when Bhuvi was in the UK for 2.5 months he was sick and tired of the local food there and complained a lot of how much he misses Indian food. I used to then send Indian home cooked food for him through a friend and cricketer all the way to the UK. 

*How Cute!*

#6 One advice you would want to give to all the brides-to-be?

Keep it as simple as possible, don't do it for others, it is your special day so be however you like.

#7 An unknown fact about Bhuvi

He is very mischievous. Kidding around most of the time.

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#8 How much do you know about cricket?

*With smirks* I know everything, from the full form of LBW to D/L method... Let's not go into the details! :P

Now you know some titbits about Bhuvi's wife Nupur. 

Let us know what more you'd like to know about the couple, in the comments below!