Forget Matching Kundlis, Don't Forget to Ask These 7 Things at your Rishta Meeting

Medha Chawla, 11 Sep 2019

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So, when you are dating a person for years, you know it all about them–be it their financial condition, medical history or their lifestyle and the assets. But if it is an arranged setup scenario wherein your mother's sister's sister-in-law's cousin fixed a Rishta meeting for you, you gotta be careful ladies & gentlemen.

Instead of matching kundlis, such Rishta Meetings must be handled smartly. It is a situation where you are considering a stranger to be your prospective spouse, and hence it is your utmost duty to ensure your marriage is not built on any lies. Gone are the days when you would believe someone just by their verbal assurance; you never know if someone's lying about their income, assets or even age to just fix the wedding. Isn't it always better to be practical than being sorry later?

To keep you at bay from such unpleasant surprises in future, we are at your rescue. Here we mention a list of mandatory details you must ask with proof from your prospect spouse and her/his family.

Proofs to have in hand Before Fixing your Rishta

1. Medical reports

Health is one of the most important foundations of a happy marriage. You deserve to know his/her medical history and then make a conscious decision on whether you wish to continue with this alliance or not. You can refer to this blog to know about the important medical tests every couple should undergo before tying the knot.

2. Education proof

It is no news that people fake their education qualifications to make their matrimonial profiles more lucrative. To be on a safer side, do not hesitate in asking for the education proof and getting it cross-checked from the university.

3. Income proof

That's the last thing you want to be lied about. Hence, it is another proof that every spouse-to-be must share.

4. Birth certificate

Just to be sure of your prospective spouse's age and birth originality, do ask for the birth certificate as well.

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5. Passport proof

Faking NRI status has become another tactic to attract lucrative matrimonial alliances. Hence it is important to have a look at their passport.

6. House ownership proofs

A lot of people look for stability and are stern about the fact that their prospect spouse must have their own home. If the same is the case with you, then don't hesitate on asking about the property papers and house ownership proofs.

7. Get police verification done

Lastly but most importantly, just going through these documents is not enough. You must get a police verification to cross-check the information and to further know about the person and his/her family's detailed background. 

Before letting the pandits match your kundlis, take the responsibility in your own hands to know whether the person is deserving enough to take your time and energy. Your family might not initially agree to this but make them understand how it is very important before finalising it all. The other family might also get offended by these demands, but it is important to remember that any truthful person/family won't mind laying things clear on the table... Otherwise, we all know of the infamous phrase - 'A speck in the beard of a thief'.


Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Also, let us know if we've missed adding a point in this list!