7 Promises every Jiju must make to her Saali for a healthy 'Jija-Saali' Bond

Anupriya Khanna, 09 Feb 2019

Your sister is soon getting married and it's a heart-wrenching feeling. But hey, be happy coz you'll finally get to relish the famous jija-saali relationship! You'll finally have someone with whom you'll share your darkest secrets without any fear of being judged. There'll be constant nok-jhok and teasing but at the same time, there'll be gobs of love and compassion. Also, not to forget the endless number of gifts he'll spoil you with, pre and post their marriage! 

However, before you reach there and your Jiju finally takes his dulhaniya home, there are a few promises that he needs to make to you (Yes, you read that right!) After all, it's his duty to not only make promises to his to-be gharwali but also to you, considering you're his aadhi-gharwali

We've enlisted some promises that every jiju must make to his sister-in-law. Quickly tag your loving jiju and ask him to take note of these! 

Dearest Jijus, Here are some Promises you need to make to your Saalis!

1. Promise to pamper & love her like her sister

All these years, your wife has spoilt her sister like a baby and showered her with heaps of love and care. And now that she has got married to you, it's your turn to treat your saali the same way she did. So, promise that you'll never step back from loving her and rather spoil her with loads of gifts and surprises. Be as cheesy as you can, your saali will be totally swoon.

2. Promise to keep her secrets safe

Well, there's absolutely nothing about her that has been kept as a secret from you. Right from her ex-boyfriends to her latest crushes & night outs, she has opened up about almost anything and everything in front of you. But there's a reason why she has shared all her deep dark secrets with you and nobody else (not even her sister!) So, always keep them locked in your heart.

3. Promise to protect her from the constant roasting of the adults

Being a loving jiju, the last thing that you would want to see is your sister-in-law getting scolded by your wife or your in-laws. So, be her true savior and shield her for all the mess she created. But also make it a point that you tell her about her mistakes each time she has done something wrong. 

4. Promise to be honest to her

First things first! Always be truthful to her. No matter how harsh and rude it may seem for a second, it is always better than comforting her with a lie. Say, if you don't like the new dress she has got to wear on her birthday, be true to her and share your honest opinions than telling a lie.

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5. Promise to always reply to her on time

Regardless of how busy you are keeping with work and other important stuff, you just can't skip acknowledging your sister-in-law's messages. After all, she is your aadhi gharwali now and it is your utmost duty to assure that you're always all eyes and ears to her bad jokes and ugly selfies.

6. Promise to be her partner in crime

Whether it's about sneaking out from home for a late-night party or convincing your in-laws to allow her to go on a trip with her friends, promise your saali that you'll always have her back and help her to your fuller potential.

7. Promise to keep her sissy always happy

Above all, promise her that you'll always be a great husband to her sister and give her all the love and care that she deserves.


Have you noted all the points yet?