Priyanka & Nick Playing the Newlywed Game is the Cutest Thing We've Seen Today *Watch Video*

Divya Arora, 04 Dec 2018

It was just another usual Tuesday at ShaadiSaga until we chanced upon this adorable video of Piggy Chops and her hubby cutest, Nick Jonas playing the Newlywed Game. *Take hints all you newlyweds out there*

In an exclusive video by VOGUE, Priyanka & Nick spilled the beans about their relationship through this game by answering some questions and had us all going "awww" (like literally!) Amidst all this Nickyanka madness, awaiting their wedding photos is getting a tad bit difficult for us. Especially after getting a glimpse into their colorful mehndi bash and their extravagant sangeet night.

But this video, Ladies & Gentlemen is a soothing balm to our hearts. They're beyond adorable!

As seen in the video, Priyanka Chopra is all happy and laughing having a gala time while Nick Jonas can't seem to get over how perfect Priyanka is! And especially, how he pulls her closer at the end—oh so mushy! Have a look, guys!


What are your thoughts about Nick & Priyanka?