Talk about going organic for your wedding and these decorators will supersede all your expectations! When you think natural, you think of a few subtle touches of greenery here and there but would you think of designing your entire wedding theme around it? Well, the decorators of Aanika Designs did this stunning eco-friendly outdoor decor for Shailie & Ishaan’s wedding and we absolutely heart it and appreciate it to bits!

What they did will blow your mind away, no kidding! The whole idea was to create an ambience using almost no cut flowers and keeping naturally fresh. In the wedding venue, a sprawling farmhouse in Ahmedabad, they grew a marigold field for the mandap area to make it look naturally appealing and fragrant (awesome, right?!).

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The brunch tables were given an earthy twist by placing complete potted plants as beautiful centrepieces. They’ve set a whole new benchmark for all the futuristic weddings by promoting the use of natural décor elements and ditching the mainstream fads and trends which often involve the use of non-biodegradable substances and chemicals, and doing all of this without compromising on the look of the events in any way, in fact making them even more enchanting. We are totally vouching for it!

Consider going eco-friendly and organic for your wedding theme as well and let nature take care of the rest! Scroll and explore how Aanika Designs created sheer magic at the wedding venue. 

The Marigold field grown around the mandap exudes heavenly beauty

Little stars of the show! Uncut potted plants are now replacing the mainstream centrepieces and how!

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Stunning chandeliers made out of dried falis from trees is such a different take to the over the top brass and crystal ones! Mind you, they don’t look any less pretty!

A magnanimous décor structure at the entrance also served as a cutesy photobooth looks so earthy!

When the aisle is so beautiful (and instagramible!) in itself, who would want to walk away from it?

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This mandap, constituting of draped curtains of flowers and a massive nadachadi chandelier piece with a row of live marigold plants and coconut leaves, is filling the whole atmosphere around it with serenity and exquisite charm!

A huge display of cute flower pots kept as wedding giveaways is such a fantastic way to do wedding favours. Going green yet keeping it chic & surely bringing a new trend forward.

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This mehndi community table decorated with flower pots, leaves and scented candles sets the mood just right!

The food corner is laden up with natural elements too, keeping up with the whole organic vibe!

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A crafty canopy of ceiling hangings made out of ribbons and cloth.

The pretty bride, straight out of a 90s Bollywood movie!

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Will you choose to go eco-friendly at your wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

Next-Gen Wedding Decor with almost NO Cut Flowers!

by Aditi Bachhawat

Next-Gen Wedding Decor with almost NO Cut Flowers!