Prettiest Hairstyle Tutorials Brides Can DIY For Post-Wedding Events (They’re Super-Easy!)

Devika Sinha, 26 Apr 2017

If you thought getting dolled-up for wedding ceremonies would cease for a while after your big day and you can chill in your pyjamas and a messy ponytail, then you’re sadly mistaken. What about all the parties and family functions you have to attend as a newly-wed couple or more importantly, as a newly-wed bride?

You obviously can’t go to the salon every time as you would have already overdosed on parlour visits getting ready for your own wedding. But that doesn't mean you have to go with a plain Jane hairstyle while the spotlight is on you. You can easily add a bit of professional glamour with these DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hairstyles. They are quick, chic and super easy to make!

Half Up and Half Down Hairdos

With A Cute Bow On The Back
A fresh look that will make you look fashionable and downright adorable. This is a hairstyle that would be perfect for long or medium length hair. Get yourself some bobby pins and you are good to go.

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With A Boho Braid Crown
If you want to partially open your hair then this boho braid crown would be perfect for you for any function. For long as well as medium length hair, this hairdo will glam-up your look and comfortably keep hair off your face too. I believe this can be made with short hair as well provided they aren’t layered.


With Knotted Braid Crown
Another hairstyle to flaunt your long tresses. This knotted braid crown hairstyle with half hair down will frame your face and make your hairdo look neat. Go for it if you want to stand out.

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With Flowers, Twists and Twirls:
Any hairstyle becomes 2x elegant with a simple flower on it and this one will surely look amazing on your long or medium length hair. A little of messy but a lot of cute makes this hairstyle a perfect pick.


Classic Buns With A Twist

Two Buns With A Rope Braided Crown
A crisp and orderly hairstyle that is tasteful and gives a delicate royal touch to the face. It’s quick and fuzz-free and as usual, you just need elastic hair ties and bobby pins.


A Braided Center Bun With Braided Crown
This is a classic. It’s a boho look that makes your hair look voluminous and the center bun is always a good idea.

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Messy Side Bun
The most trending look for any festivities, this messy side bun would be your saviour. It’s astoundingly easy and gorgeous so do not think twice before going for it.


Miniature Buns For Short Hair
Not every hairstyle is for long hair. These two charming short hair hairstyles are sure to make you look like the newly-wed princess you are. They highlight your crown and tidy up your look. All you need is a headband for one and some bobby pins for both.


A Twisted Bun With A Dutch Braid Crown
Even though depicted on short hair, this hairdo would go well on long and medium length hair as well. It’s graceful, sophisticated and uncharacteristically easy. The bling headband makes it especially perfect for bachelorettes.

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