A Mushy Tennis Court Pre-Wedding Shoot of an Adorable couple in NYC!

Ayesha Kohli, 06 Oct 2019

Pre-wedding shoots are super important as they give the couple memories of a lifetime. The visuals should beautifully narrate the journey of two people as a couple before they embark on a journey of a lifetime together. Each pre-wedding shoot tells a different tale and is unique in its own charming way! It isn't important for a pre-wedding shoot to be OTT to be considered a hit, they are personal to each couple who are embracing on their journey of a lifetime. We love couples who add a personal touch to their shoots and today we have a couple who did just the same! 

Latest in, we have this gorgeous couple from NYC, Aman Shah and Janhavi Shah who shared their cutest love journey with us. Aman and Janhavi fell in love through their common interest in the USA and now are engaged (according to Aman "encaged"!) to married. Their Pre-wedding shoot is Just Aah-Dorable! Here are some snapshots of their pre-wedding shoot which is a treat to our eyes and will give you goals for sure–Game. Set. Match!

Aman & Janhavi's Mushy Pre-wedding shoot in NYC 

Their Love Tale

Aman Shah and Janhavi Shah got closer through sharing their love for Tennis, food and of course coffee in the gorgeous city of New York. Janhavi knew he was the one when she liked Aman more than her morning coffees and Aman knew that this was it when he loved Janhavi's cooking! Their friendship blossomed into a tale of true love which is super evident in their pre-wedding photoshoots.

The love that they have for each other is quite visible in their eyes and the way that Aman and Janhavi look at each other literary gave us goosebumps! They've shot in such a fun-elegant way yet still kept a personal touch to their shoot that we felt that their beautiful journey as a couple was worth a mention! Aman and Janhavi or #ShahSquad's Tennis court pictures are our favourites! Here are some snapshots of their pre-wedding shoot which is a treat to our eyes and will give you goals for sure- Game, Set, Match!


What are your thoughts about this super adorable pre-wedding shoot?