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Here Is A Pre-Wedding Plan For All You Brides With A Busy Career!

Tanya Baisoya, 01 Nov 2019

Hear, hear! For all you brides who think planning a wedding can be hectic while you have a 9 to 5 job! There will be days when as a bride-to-be you will lose your cool, but you can’t let that affect your work. Of course, you need a work-life balance, and tricks to plan your wedding in the most impeccable manner without letting your work suffer. But the only tough part here is, how can you achieve all these goals? Do not fret our pretty to-be-brides, we got the solution to all your problems. And so, we list down some key points you must keep in mind and follow if you are a bride with a busy career. 

Ultimate Planner For A Bride With A Busy Job

Only 6 months Left!

Yes, it is JUST 6 months, so don’t think you have plenty of time, and start planning your wedding for 6 months in advance. 

Get Your Workout Schedule

If you think through it properly, working out two months before the wedding along with the work pressure can be even more pressurizing for you. Hence, we would suggest you to start working out at least 5 to 6 months before the wedding, so that you get into the flow and don’t get worked up later. 

Start Eating Healthy 

You must start eating healthy now to let that workout show its effects on you! We’re sure eating healthy is going to make you feel better innately also. 

Set A Budget 

Before you get into bookings, you need to set a budget first to stay clear of what is your plan and not make goof ups!

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Get A Planner, If You Can 

We understand this might not be feasible for everyone, but for those who can, you must hire a wedding planner to help you stay more organized. And for those who can not get a planner, they must not shy away from taking advice from their mother and elder siblings!

Make The Bookings!

We’re sure you know that all the good venues and designers get busy during the peak wedding season! So, don’t make the mistake of delaying your bookings, and book the venue months in advance. And for that matter, start appointing your makeup artists, photographers and outfit designers too! 

3 Months To Go!

Now is the time for you to get your wedding invites in place. Make your list in accordance with your budget, and start sending those uber-cute invites!

Choose Your Mehendi 

Among 100 options that you for mehendi designs, do your research well, and make sure to choose the best one of the lot!

Sangeet Preparations 

Are you a bad dancer? Then this is absolutely the right time for you to start your sangeet preparations. We are sure you want to dance like a diva on the day of your sangeet!

Time For Trousseau Shopping

It is time for you to do what most of the girls love doing! Yes, it is shopping. But, this time will be slightly different because it is in concern with your bridal trousseau. So buy everything that you would need post-marriage. Oh! and on the way to shop, you might as well do some honeymoon shopping!

Time To Re-check!

We hope you are all sorted by the end of finishing all these tasks. But, do not take things for granted, and just recheck if your lehenga and jewellery is just the way you want. Now that you have time on your hands, you can easily get any changes done, if needed.


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