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The novel Coronavirus outbreak is at its peak in India and there is an understandable grim all around. We all know how lakhs of people are testing positive every day and how many are losing lives every day in India. The situation has also put couples in a state of frenzy on whether to postpone or get wed in an intimate setup. Considering the mayhem being caused by coronavirus right now, the first option should definitely be to postpone the wedding. However, if you are still confused between cutting down on the guest list and postponing your April/May wedding, here is a little help.

When To Postpone A Wedding?

This goes without saying that you must try to postpone the wedding and celebrations amid this pandemic. Especially at this time when the cases are surging like never before. Here we enlist a few pointers you must go through in order to put an end to the confusion. The below-mentioned points suggest that the wedding should be postponed.

  • You or someone from your close family members have Covid symptoms
  • You or an immediate family member has tested positive for the virus
  • You want to have multiple wedding celebrations with an extensive guest list
  • Cutting down the guest list to a minimum of 10-15 seems difficult for now
  • The bride/groom or their family members will have to travel for the wedding to take place
  • If there is no unavoidable urgency to conduct the wedding

When To Continue With The Wedding Ceremony?

Here are some instances when you can consider having a wedding in April/May 2021 even when the pandemic is at its most ghastly state in India. So, continue having the wedding ceremony at this time only if:

  • You don't mind having a guest list of 10-15 people including the immediate family members. Ensure everyone, including the priest, photographer, guests and the make-up artist, is tested before being a part of the ceremony.
  • If you have already postponed the wedding twice in the last year and don't want to deal with it anymore.
  • There is some unavoidable reason that you can't postpone the wedding.
  • If you can get married at your home amid the presence of only 10-15 people.

Please note: Several state governments have allowed a gathering of over 50 people or more, but considering the current scenario and for the safety of your own self and your loved ones, you must avoid a gathering.

Imperative Safety Measures To Take If You Are Having A Wedding In April/May

In case you want to continue with the wedding ceremony as planned, ensure the following:

  • Downsize the guest list. Make the affair as intimate as you can.
  • Get a wedding allowance/permit from the government.
  • Ensure the availability of masks and sanitizers at the venue.
  • Make sure everyone is tested before attending the wedding and their reports are negative
  • Maintain proximity with vendors including chefs, decorators, and other staff to ensure their safety as well.
  • Avoid visit markets, even if there is no lockdown imposed in your city.
  • Urge guests to wear a mask at all times and remove it only if very necessary.
  • Try and practice social distancing. You can always receive warm hugs later when the pandemic subsides.
  • Send cute apology messages to the guests who were already invited but are not part of the revised downsized guest list.

What To Do If You Have Decided To Postpone The Wedding?

If you have decided to delay the wedding celebrations, make sure you do the following obvious yet important things.

  • Wedding Postponement Announcements: Send online wedding postponement announcement to the guests.
  • Let The Vendors Know: Inform the vendors including the caterers, makeup artist, photographer, venue booking manager, and decorator, etc as soon as you decide to postpone the revelries.
  • Outfits: If you were yet to collect the outfits, ask the vendor to put the final alterations on hold.
  • Do not fret over: Consult a professional if the delay in the wedding is taking a toll on your mental health.
  • Look at the brighter side: You will be able to celebrate the best day of your life with all the people you love.

When To Start Planning Again?

Once the situation gets better and there is evident control in the cases, then only proceed with the planning. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Postpone Or Cut Down Guest List? How To Decide For Your April/May Wedding

by Medha Chawla

Postpone Or Cut Down Guest List? How To Decide For Your April/May Wedding