Some Old, Some New: Post-Wedding Games Every Couple Must Play!

Mallika Khurana, 22 Nov 2019

If you’re guessing that your first day at your husband's place will be awkward in any way, you have to relax because that’s not how it’s going to be. It’s going to be filled with lots of entertaining rituals to keep you light-hearted and will totally give you a chance to bond with your new family. Guessing what all would happen after you arrive at your in-laws? We have a list of fun post-wedding rituals in a Punjabi wedding that you’re going to dig. And don't you worry, because they are all fun-filled games that you will thoroughly enjoy!

9 Fun-Filled Customs In A Punjabi Wedding

1. Seven rounds of water over the bride’s head

This is the very first ritual that is performed when the bride and groom are at the doorstep of the groom’s place after getting married. In this ritual, the mother of the groom rotates a glass of water over the bride’s head to free her from any bad luck and then she tries to drink the water but the groom doesn’t have to let her until she has rotated the glass seven times over the bride’s head.

2. Untieing the knots

The day before the wedding, thick and decorated threads are tied to the bride’s and groom’s ankles, in tight knots. After the grah- pravesh, both of them have to single-handedly open each other's threads. And obviously, the faster one wins. Isn’t it fun?

3. Passing rice

This is a game that the bride plays with the ladies of the groom’s side. The bride takes rice in both her hands and passes in into the other person’s hands. This has to be done 7 times without dropping much rice as the amount of rice signifies the amount of love between them.

4. Find the ring

This is the most fun game because apparently, the one who wins in these rules over the other. To play this, milk and water are poured in vessel with rose petals and coins. A ring is also kept in the vessel which is to be found by the bride or the groom, using a single hand. It is played thrice and the one who wins twice, rules!

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5. Sweeten it with a sweet

This is a sweet ritual where the bride cooks anything sweet for the family of the groom as a gesture of starting things on a sweet note. And the best part is, she is rewarded by the older members of the family.

6. Finding a name in the Mehendi

This is an old game where the bride hides the name of the groom in her Mehendi in the best way possible, and the groom is supposed to find it.

7. The shoe game

This is a really fun game for everyone in the family. In this one, the bride and the groom sit with backs against each other and they have to hold one of each of their’s shoes in hands. There needs to be a host who will ask them questions about them and they have to tell which one is it, without speaking and just raising the shoes. The fun part is, they don’t know about each other’s responses but the family enjoys thoroughly.

8. Thumb fight

Thumb fight is a happy and light game for the bride and the groom in which they have to hold each others’ hands through fingers and try to catch hold of each others’ thumbs. The one who manages to do that wins.


Which one of these are you excited about?