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Every Couple's Ultimate Post-wedding Checklist they Didn't know they Needed

Divya Arora, 18 Apr 2019

Checklists are unquestionably the most essential part of all wedding preparations right from the beginning till the very end. Maintaining proper checklists throughout your wedding journey not only helps in easy and systematic planning but, takes care of even the tiniest of things that might potentially create a ruckus at the last minute.

Because we understand the value of an organized checklist, we keep aiding you with fresh checklist ideas for all purposes right from that ultimate before wedding checklist, a list of bridesmaid duties and that specific D-Day checklist to even the trousseau packing and honeymoon lists.

Not forgetting how keeping a tab on your post-wedding responsibilities is also essential, this time we've come up with a post-marriage checklist that all couples should adhere to. This list is all about those few specific tasks that need to be taken care of and sorted out in time before you get on with your new happy life. So, take note of these things to do post your wedding so that you don't end up prolonging them or forgetting about them altogether.

Checklist of all the Things to Do Soon After You Get Married

1. Register your marriage

First things first, getting your marriage registered is what you should be doing right after getting married; the very next day for that matter. It is mandatory and just can't be missed out on. So, before you set out to take care of other things, get this task done first.

2. Clear all vendor payments

An essential task that needs to be ticked off your post-marriage checklist is to clear all your remaining payments with your wedding vendors as per the pre-decided norms. Delaying payments and not clearing their dues on time is super unethical and a practice that no one should indulge in.

3. Review your vendors

Your vendors have put in their heart and soul into curating the wedding of your dreams for you, for which they deserve all the love and appreciation from your end. Your reviews on the social media and various vendor portals would not only help in creating and maintaining their goodwill but, would bring light to their talent and hard work. Which is why it is essential that you take some time out from your busy schedule and shower your vendors with love and appreciation on different platforms.

4. Get your outfits cleaned & stored

When it's all done and dusted it's time to get all your wedding outfits sorted out and stored properly. Have them cleaned and all packed up especially, your wedding day outfit. If you're planning to re-use any of your wedding outfits then store them accordingly but, make sure to have it all sorted out in time before it starts collecting dust and getting ruined.

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5. Return rented or borrowed items

Returning rented or borrowed items in time is yet another duty that you need to take care of post your wedding. Be it your wedding outfits, your jewellery, and accessories or any other things that you've taken on rent or borrowed from your people, return them asap and in a proper condition.

6. Paperwork for name & address change

Getting your name and address changed on your legal documents like Voter ID, Aadhar, Driver's License, etc., is yet another job that makes it to your post marriage checklist. As taxing and time consuming it tends to get, it is equally essential and you know it. There's no way out of this basically!

7. A therapeutic spa session

Amidst all the post-wedding hustle bustle, don't forget to take time out to relax and de-stress yourself. Go for an aromatic and rejuvenating spa session to ease up yourself and not lose out on your newlywed bridal charm. To make it more special and romantic, take your hubby along followed by a lunch or dinner date!

8. Manage the cash and gifts received

Receiving cash and gifts on your wedding is unavoidable and it's only fitting that you manage all that you've received at the earliest. Sorting out the unwanted gifts from the beautiful keepsakes and finalizing on what you're going to do with all that cash is necessary and shouldn't be prolonged.

9. Write thank you notes

Last but not least, don't forget to write those thank you notes. We tend to get all dicey with this part but, there's no harm in being a little extra generous and warm with people. As it is, the charm of this old school way of writing notes and letters to people is beyond beautiful. Therefore, make sure to write heartfelt thank you notes to all your vendors who turned your dream into a reality and all those people who made your wedding extra special and memorable for you.


Is there something unmissable that you think should have made it to this list? Let us know.