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Pool Parties Are What You Need To Kick Off Your Summer Wedding Celebrations! (And We Show You How!)

Devika Sinha, 08 Jun 2017

Pool parties are a great way to kick start summer weddings. You can also ditch the typical youngsters and cocktail party and have a pool party instead! The soothing blue pool cools up the entire atmosphere and we all know how amazingly fun they are.

While pool parties are refreshing and can make your wedding celebrations even more enjoyable, organising them is a humongous task. However, we have some easy and impressive ideas from décor to props to food & drinks suggestions that will help you throw a perfect pool party.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into HOW TO THROW AN AMAZING POOL PARTY!

Do Not Forget To Have A Colourful Banner That Says “POOL PARTY”!

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Decorating The Pool Area

Quirky decor is one of the best ways to present the pool area! Alphabet balloons with party related quotes near the pool and pretty flamingo floats would just brighten up your party!

Pretty Hangings To Beautify The Space

If you are having a day pool party, then you can go for nautical theme hangings like these.

And if you are having an evening pool party then what is better than pretty paper lanterns hanging all over your party area!

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How To Set Up Tables

Go for tropical themed decor like this with coconuts, palm leaves and orchids as it looks super refreshing.

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You can also opt for funky table decors! BEHOLD THIS PINEAPPLE WEARING SHADES!

Signboards For Directions

Colourful wooden signboards around the pool area give the party a beautiful  Hawaiian touch, and well, help with directions!

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Dessert Table Decor

Make this the prettiest area! Vibrant cakes and doughnuts put together with flowers, leaves, balloons (and maybe flamingo decor figurines)!

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Photo Booths

NEVER EVER forget to make a vibrant photo booth because parties are all about getting clicked! A Hawaiian floral photo booth would look gorgeous and lively!

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Games To Make Your Party Even More Fun

What makes pool parties successful? Of course, some fun-filled games that keep the guests occupied and entertained! You can keep games like TIC TAC TOE, Jenga and even beer pong!

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Keep a lot of water guns so that games can be taken inside the pool as well!

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Things Your Guests Might Need:


Provide your guests with multi-coloured sunglasses that look funky. It looks pretty and helps in bearing the sunlight as well.

Paper Fans

Pool parties are summer parties so be sure to keep some paper fans to BEAT THE HEAT!


Last but not the least, provide your guests with sunscreen lotions because no one wants a tab before a wedding function!

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You can also keep a box of garlands and tiaras for guests! (See in the end)

What To Serve In Food & Drinks At A Pool Party?

Make your snacks and drinks as colourful as possible! Fresh juices, mocktails and cocktails would make your party amazing! Serve them with cute straws and beautiful disposable glasses. Disposable glasses help to avoid making a mess and it’s easy to access the pool with them!

Coconut water can also be a great option!

Keeping the snacks and desserts light is the key. Stick to finger foods (think nachos and cupcakes!) that are easy to eat and do not disrupt your games and pool time.

What To Wear At A Pool Party?

Floral print clothes are best to wear at pool parties! Bridesmaids can also coordinate their dresses at the party. It looks super cute! Be sure to add floral garlands and tiaras to your attire to have a pretty Hawaiian look!

Submit us pictures of your beautiful pool party as well! We are waiting...