Polki, Kundan or Jadau Jewellery: A guide for soon-to-be-brides

Sanchita Sehgal, 06 Oct 2017

Of all the wedding wows, none captures desire more amazingly or portrays desire more remarkably than jewellery. We tell you the three types of jewellery and how to strike a difference between them:


Polki is nothing but diamonds in their raw form. It is the uncut and semi-polished version of diamonds. The glossy shine gives an outstanding look as a wedding jewellery. The value of polki jewellery is very high as compared to Kundan jewellery. It can bring a Rajasthani touch in your dream outfit. Brides are usually opting for Hyderabadi polki, which is silver based and that goes well with some modern attire. Polki should always be purchased while keeping in mind that it can be used with a traditional as well as modern attire. Another trending style is polki teamed up with coloured stones such as ruby, which enhances the bridal outfit and on contrary can easily be worn with any bright or a lighter shade.


Kundan is composed of different types of stones inlaid in gold. Usually, artificial stones make kundan less expensive and are very budget-friendly. This jewellery is complex and decorative by all means as it has coatings of metals and gemstones. The best thing a bride can see in Kundan is a more ancient form of jewellery than polki. If you go by this year’s trend, the choker and chandbalis designed in kundan were the hottest belongings. If you want a stylish yet reasonable ornament, Kundan is the finest investment for you. You can hardly strike a difference between polki & kundan, the only alteration is the shine, polki lustres more than kundan.


Life is too short to wear boring jewellery, so make it a memorable one by wearing a jadau set on your wedding day. Jadau ornaments are made by gold which is made malleable by heating and then melting it. Earlier, a jadau set would only mean a white polki stone with colourful Minakari work, but as style and diversity has started to take over the ethnic designs and colors the collection became wide. Now, its teamed up with gemstones and ruby. Jaipur and Gujarat are supposed to be home-grown of Jadau. Those brides looking for an exclusive look must visit these places to get fine prices and designs. It is anytime costlier than Polki and Kundan. An outfit matched successfully with the right type of jewellery can make the bride look royal and attractive.

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