Pinterest Reveals The Hottest Wedding Trends For 2017!

Sanchita Kalra, 05 Apr 2017

Source Pinterest

When you decide to get married, you’d definitely want to know what the biggest wedding trends are! And isn’t Pinterest everyone’s favourite go-to place for wedding ideas and inspiration? Before you start pinning ideas, though, have a look at what Pinterest’s Wedding Report of 2017 says!

Basically, Pinterest, the daddy of ideas, creates this annual report based on the most loved and most pinned pictures by its users across the globe. Right from bridal style to beauty regimes and wedding decor to honeymoon destinations, this report is the ultimate source for everything weddings. We picked out the ideas from the entire list that are totally relevant to our Indian weddings, and thanks to the Internet, we can already see them in our weddings! 

Here are the 9 hottest trends you need to know about:

Colour Of The Season- Dusty Rose

It’s time to move over hot pinks and powder pinks as there’s another colour from the same family ruling the weddings-dusty rose colour. Add it in your invite, decor or even your wedding outfits!

Pink Is The Eyeshadow Of Choice

While us Indians have been fans of pink eyeshadow for ages, we had moved into more golds and bronzes for wedding makeup. But Pinterest says that pink is back, baby!

Lip Masks For Perfect Pouts!

Thank Emma Stone’s Instagram of her Golden Globes beauty prep for bringing in this trend. Collagen lip masks not only hydrate and pump your lips but also act as a fantastic primer for lips! Buy it here

Source Pinterest

Drip Cakes Are The New Naked Cakes!

We’re still slowly moving to naked cakes from fondant cakes. But those yummi-licious heavenly looking decadent cakes with gooey chocolate dripping aren’t far away. *BRB, ordering a slice of drip cake*

Off-Shoulder Is All The Rage For Women

The trend of off-shoulders have been here for quite a while in western wear but who would have thought that it’s going to be big at weddings, too? Hello, off-shoulder style!

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Blue Suits For Men

After seeing men in black, men in blue is the newest trend in town. Grooms and even groomsmen are ditching the typical black suits and going for navy blue suits that are brighter and more fun!

Go Green In Decor

Weddings nowadays are witnessing an all-green decor as compared to floral decor because #GreenIsGorgeous! Plus, having an eco-friendly decor is also a budget-friendly alternative.

Before The Honeymoon, Comes Mini-Moons

After months of wedding planning madness and weeklong wedding celebrations, we are sure you need a break especially if you’re planning to go for your honeymoon months later. Till then you can enjoy a mini-moon. A short break with your spouse nearby! 

New Zealand & Greece Hottest Honeymoon Destinations

The hottest honeymoon destinations topping the charts are New Zealand and Santorini. For couples who want to have an adrenaline rush, head to NZ for adventurous hiking and gorgeous views. But if you’re a romantic couple, Santorini, the picturesque Greek isle is the place to be for its natural beauty.

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