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9 Times Pineapples were the Edgiest Decor Elements at Weddings!

Medha Chawla, 07 Jun 2019

You may totally hate it as a topping on a pizza but trust me, pineapple decor pictures will make you go drooling! Don't be surprised, we are back with another unique decor element that we recently laid our eyes on. This time it is pineapple! This sour-punking fruit with unusual and eye catchy visual appearance is making it big in the wedding decorations and is turning out to be the edgiest element ever. Right from being a perfect table centerpiece to doubling up as a drink container, the versatile use of pineapples in wedding decorations is worth your consideration. And mind you, it will quirk up things at your wedding within seconds. So, check out some of the best pineapple decor ideas and let your wedding decorations leave everyone smitten forever.

Pineapple Decor Ideas for Weddings

1. A quirky pineapple table centrepiece funked up with goggles!

Source Pink Palki

2. Serve the drinks at your wedding bar in an usual way

3. When pineapples double up as a cutesy flower pot

4. Faux pineapple installations for some tropical vibes

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5. And oh, why not amp chaat corner with these appealing fruits

6. A mirror base, stunning blooms and a DIY golden pineapple teamed up for the most stunning centrepiece!

7. How about a red-painted pineapples to quirk up the tables?

Decor by Noor, Delhi

8. An artificial pineapple showpiece to add elegance to bar or the tables!

9. Know a cooler way to prettify the favour table! *Jaws dropped*


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