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15+ Heartwarming Pictures From Rice Throwing Ceremony

Rashmi Jayara, 23 Dec 2019

An Indian wedding has multiple emotions attached to it. And every custom and ritual has its own significance. From haldi ceremony before the wedding to the pheras around the agni, hindu wedding is full of crazy rituals. One of the rituals is the bride throwing rice during her bidaai. But have you ever wondered why the brides throw rice behind their back while leaving the venue with the groom? 

It is a gesture to thank her parents for all the love she has ever received until her wedding day. The rice is usually mixed with flowers and coins, and then her parents spread the anchal (or a piece of cloth) to collect the grains. Some people also say that throwing rice is also a sign of assurance. It means that even after leaving parents’ home, the girl will always have them in her heart and will always pray for their prosperity. Today, we have curated some heart touching pictures of the brides from the rice throwing ceremony. 

15+ Soothing Rice Throwing Ceremony Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Go 'Awww'

Source Vogue India

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