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#SistersBeforeMisters: 45+ Photos Of Real Brides With Their Sisters

Shivani Singh, 02 Mar 2020

You’ve grown up fighting over the last slice of pizza, and the television remote. Your first-ever ‘parent-less’ vacay was with her. You took your first jump into the waters of a pool with her by your side. She’s been the confidant for your first crush, your first heartbreak, your guilty pleasures and basically your every little secret. She is your sister who was your first best friend and no one can ever replace her. 👭

From being your emotional pillars to your drinking buddy, your sister is the only person you can rely on to lift you when you fall (after she’s done laughing, of course). They make good times even better and hard times just a bit easier. In fact, on your wedding day, the one person you will always look to for unconditional understanding, support and help is your sister. 

And the bond that you and your sister share deserves all the shutter attention it can get. So, gear up and get ready to pose up a storm with your sister. Check out our list of amazingly quirky photo ideas for you and your sister for your wedding festivities! Oh! If you haven't booked your favourite wedding photographer till yet, then book them now! 📷

Photo Ideas For Brides With Their Sister(s)

1. The Getting Ready Shots

She will help you with your shoes, your jhumkas and even the dori of your blouse. As the sister of the bride, her outfit will be the least of her concerns. She is going to be integral when you're dressing up for your D-Day and she will give you that courage every time you feel the wedding jitters. Capturing her genuine and essential role in helping you prepare your ensemble is something you'd want to keep around for a long, long time. 

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2. Photos With Fun-Filled Haldi Moments

Your sister will want you to look perfect at every moment of your wedding. However, when it comes to Haldi ceremonies, she will never shy away from dumping all the yellow on you mercilessly, before dousing you in a bucket full of milk and water. Just like these adorable sisters who are not only loving and caring in these captured moments but also playful. 

3. Candid Shots = Candid Happiness

Whether you're the bridezilla or the bridecilla, there is just something magical about capturing moments with an organic joy. From flashes of laughter or tears of joy to moments of your sister dancing to the beats of iconic songs, these photos will be evergreen and remind you everyday of how much your sibling adores you, no matter what. 

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4. Wedding Photographs With The Sisters Gushing Over The Bride

She is your biggest cheerleader! Your sisters will never stop admiring your beauty and finesse on your wedding day. She will keep you happy and content and shower you with compliments throughout. We especially love watching sisters gush over their beautiful bride sisters!

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5. The One With The Party Before The Wedding Shenanigans

Before the wedding begins, every bride needs some time to relax and maybe sip on some champagne. If you're the nervous kinda bride, she will give you a shot of tequila to get rid of any rumbling and rolling stomachs. Moments, where your sisters share your happiness with you along with a glass of fine wine, are the best kind of captures. So make sure you pop the bubbly before you walk down the aisle!

6. Your Sisters Where They 'Pose Up A Storm'

Embellished in designer outfits, photographs of sisters squads dressed to impress are what help keep the memory alive. Take inspo from these sisters who pose with the bride with utter finesse. With almost pro-model like shot, these sisters are goals when it comes to wedding photography! 

7. The Cute AF Ones

There is no way you can go without getting a few cute clicks! Photographs emitting sheer laughter, smiles and joy are keepsakes. Down the lines, years later, when your old and grey, you will look back at your wedding photos and marvel over the raw happiness of your wedding day. These are probably the most genuine kinds of pictures to get clicked. 

8. The One With Co-ordinated Poses

Who says pre-planned photographs are overrated? We love it when brides take on the cliché stuff and turn them into something new and inspirational. From shots of Mehendi designs to quirky pictures with the groom as well and dance postures, co-ordinated photo poses are fun to work with not just in the moment but also best to laugh at later on. 

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9. Double Trouble Sisters 😜

Two brides are a party when it comes to weddings. While some may argue otherwise, we love sisters who decide to get married on the same day. The double trouble duo is nothing short of fun and adventure. (P.S. we are overjoyed to see the twin sister brides rocking a pose in a jeep on their wedding day in matching outfits!)

Source Deep Joshi

10. Wedding Photos With Adorable Hugs And Smiles

A sister is a friend given by nature. She will hug you, kiss you, smile with you and for you even cry when she's giving you away. Your sister loves you with so much warmth and heart that her love is incomparable to any other. Pictures that show off this beautiful bond are the kinds we're head over heels for. 

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11. #SistersBeforeMister! Photos With A Faux Kiss

Well, if you're looking to keep a funny memory with an offbeat kind of pose, then try this one out. Throw your groom into the mix and watch his bewilderment grow! 

12. Stunning Pictures Where The Sister Gang Slays in Co-ordination

You can do this one too many ways. With similar poses to coordinated outfits, group photos of your sisters with you in such manner are memorable. The aesthetics of these pictures will leave everyone in awe.  

13. The One Where Your Sisters Carry Your 'Phoolon Ki Chadar'

Who says that only your brothers deserve this honour? Let your sisters, especially if you only have sisters, carry your phoolon ki chadar at your wedding. Trust us, you will not regret them giving you away for your wedding. And pictures will be proof that no matter which sibling walks you to your mandap, the love will not be any lesser. 


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